Fred Phelps is being sued???

The Public Notices section of the classified advertising in the Topeka Capital-Journal for today, May 18th, (Topeka is Fred’s home) has a notice that the Grossmont Union High School District is the plaintiff in a suit against Fred’s Westboro Baptist Church. Doesn’t say what FOR, but I did some digging and came up with the following:

This is one of WBC’s putrid faxes concerning the school shooting at Santee High School. Says it was God’s judgement on the school. Calls the principal, the mayor, and several other officials conspirators in murder.

2)Santee is part of the Grossmont District

  1. The fax says WBC was going to picket the school

So I figure the attorneys named for the school district wouldn’t let me know anything, but it would be my WAG that they are suing for libel, or something like it. What would you think?

The only thing for sure is that the church is being sued, but oh would I love to be a fly on the wall there. The funniest part of the whole thing is a line in the Public Notice that says “You may want to call an attorney right away” Since may of the Phelps family ARE lawyers, it just struck me as a real hoot.

I only have one thing to say:


What is the world coming to when a peaceful man of God like the good Rev. Phelps is made the target of these sort of baseless lawsuits?

yea, Testify! Halleluia!!!