Fred Ward is Nick Fury?

That’s what IMDB says. Not always accurate, of course, and apparently it’s still in negotiations. And while I’m more familiar with Fred Ward’s career than I am the character of Nick Fury, I have to say that if I was looking for a gruff, military type, Ward would be on the top of my list. I’ve always been surprised that he hasn’t had a better career given the great performance he gave in Henry & June. I hope that if he takes the role, the film’s a big hit for him.

I thought David Hasselhoff was Nick Fury.

WOW! I been a fan of Fred Ward for years! I loved the movie Remo Williams, a movie that screamed for a sequel that never happenned. In Tremors he was great. I am quite sure he will do a fine job as Nick Fury. Now that you got thinking about my comic book days, who can play Jeb Stuart in “The Haunted Tank”?

Sometimes… Sometimes they just get it SO RIGHT. Please let this happen.

It was Sam Jackson last I checked.

How is Nick Fury interesting enough to merit his own flick?

I would have picked Bruce Willis. Never would have even thought of Fred Ward. Good call by Hollywood.

Samuel L. Jackson is playing Nick Fury in next summer’s Iron Man movie, but that is based on the character of “Ultimate Nick Fury,” who is obviously a little different. Marvel’s Ultimate Universe is separate from the regular Marvel Universe that we’ve all known since 1961. It was a way to recreate continuity from the beginning, to make it a little hipper, edgier, and more accessible for new readers. There are familiar characters with new costumes, looks, origins, and relationships, and one of them is that Nick Fury looks A LOT like Samuel L. Jackson (drawn as a homage to the comic book fan actor by artist Bryan Hitch). As a result, Iron Man director Jon Favreau cast Jackson as Fury in the movie, and this Fred Ward project (if it comes to fruition) will be completely unrelated.

Okay. After some research, I have determined that “Fred Ward” is in fact a different person from “Fred Willard.” So Fred Willard will not be playing Nick Fury. I’m not sure why my mind keeps insisting that the thread title claims “Fred Willard is Nick Fury,” because it clearly doesn’t.

Hm, Fred Ward is the guy who played H.P. Lovecraft, PI in Cast a Deadly Spell. Interesting choice. He’s about as old as my dad, though. In the comics, I think they established that Fury was given a proto-Super Soldier Serum that halted his aging but failed to give him Captain America-level physical abilities. It’d be a strange twist if Hollywood reversed that, so that he’s just this leathery older guy with superhuman combat skills. Hollywood being what it is, though, I think it’s probably a safe bet that whoever is cast as the female love interest won’t be over thirty.

I’ve been wanting to see that movie for years, but I don’t believe it’s available on DVD. How is it?

It’s pretty good. The special effects have a definite Charles Band vibe to them, but the script has a lot of fun with the hard-boiled dialogue. As a minimally budgeted made-for-TV movie attempting to mix elements of Lovecraftean horror, film noir, fantasy and comedy, they probably did as good a job as could reasonably be expected. It’s a rich, savory wedge of cinematic cheese.

Though I’m not complaining by any means, I do wonder how such a quirky project was ever approved, because I figure there’s maybe 20 people on the planet other than me who appreciate the need for Lovecraftean fantasy-noir mystery-horror-comedies.

I like it much more than the Dennis Hopper-led sequel, Witchcraft.

I think we’re going to get the “Howlin’ Commandos” Nick Fury, not the “Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Nick Fury, so no eye patch and not super-soldier formula.

Fred Ward seems too old for the part. I realize that Fury’s been around since WW2 but Ward still doesn’t fit for me. As bad an actor as Hasselhoff is, he looked spot on in the film and, come on, it was a made for TV comic book movie, how good is the acting ever going to be?

I think this is the Sgt. Fury the movie will be referencing, not this one.

Ha! I did the same thing. I kept imagining Lt. Hookstratten from “This is Spinal Tap” showing the band around the bridge of the Heli-Carrier.

Actually, I would pay to see Fred Willard as Nick Fury.

I had the same Willard/Ward misconception and was pretty confused until Terrifiel’s post. Color me relieved.

You’re confused? I was thinking Fred Ward was Fred Savage, the kid in ‘Wonder Years’. I realize he’s older now, but still…

Fred Ward is 64 years old.

What did you think of "The Resurrected " as far as Lovecrafty stuff?