Free associating JAG and old FOX comedies.

One of my husband’s favorite TV shows is Jag. Harm is now working for Air America or something like that and has a new partner. “Where have I seen those lips before?” hubby asks. I was thinking the same thing.

There was that show on FOX about a real estate office with Ellen Degeneres. What was the name of that show? But wait a minute, I don’t think Lips was on that show. That show had the blonde who was the sister of Lips on another really old FOX comedy. Lips was married to a writer.

Can anybody name either FOX comedy, the blonde (she always plays cold, nasty bitches) or Lips?

Or did Hubby and I just hallucinate all of the above?

No hallucination.

Harm’s new partner, Cmdr. Beth O’Neill, is played by Mary Page Keller. She starred in the Fox sitcom Duets, which also starred blonde actress Alison LaPlaca, whose character was married to Chris Lemmon’s character. Duet spawned a spinoff, Open House, with Alison LaPlaca, that took place in a real estate office.

I’m loving Cmdr. O’Neill, and was just thinking last night that she should get her own JAG spinoff, particularly since her sexuality is not what defines the character.

Thank you! Thank you!
As for Cmdr O’Neill getting her own show, maybe she and Mac could hook up and get rid of that jerk Harm.

did we see the baby’s birth (priceless name, btw), or was Harriet still pregnant last episode, and “hey, there’s a baby!” this one?

And how could Harriett let that name pass? Why did it take her brother-in-law to point out that the kid is named after a T.V. character?

P.S. Alison LaPlaca needs to get more work. She’s a hoot.