Free AVG anti-virus expiring; moving to paid version. Worth it?

I’ve been using AVG anti-virus software for a couple years (it was recommended by the fine folks here at the SD - Thanks!) and have been quite happy with the results. Recently, I got a message during a routine update that AVG is moving to a paid (and improved) version at the end of the month. I tried to find an updated free version buried on the site somewhere, but no luck. That said, I like AVG. More than a few Dopers seem to agree. I don’t have a problem paying for the new version - it’s like 50 bucks or so - but since I’ve never outright bought A/V software before, I’m not sure if I should search out other freebies first, or what. Your comments and/or current experiences with AVG would be greatly appreciated.


There is still a free version, they just keep making it harder to find, so that more users come to the same (no offence)mistaken conclusion you have, and fork out some cash for the paid version.

go to and keep clicking the buttons that say (in so many words) “no, I really want the free one”

If you were determined to spend some money though, I would recommend NOD32 - very lightweight in terms of system requirements, but highly effective protection.

Norton/Symantec is pretty much the opposite of that - incredibly resource-intensive and effective mostly in the sense that it hinders everything

I recently received a notice that there was a recommended upgrade available for my free AVG anti-virus. When I clicked on the link to download it they tried very hard to steer me to the pay version, but I persisted and eventually got it downloaded and installed. It’s much less intrusive than the previous free version; it uses pop-ups instead of windows that have to be clicked on to let me know when it’s running and what the results of the test were.

AVG Antivirus FREE Edition Ver 8.01. Download and have a nice day. :slight_smile:

I haven’t had time to read this so take it for what it’s worth but here is an article on getting AVG 8.0 set up properly (or something).


Thanks, gang! (& extra thanks to Flander for the link…) :slight_smile:

Y’know, I really did poke around a bit looking for the freebie version - just not enough, I guess. I was operating under the assumption (I know, I know…) that nothing free lasts long, and figured they were simply moving to a paid version. Thanks again for the directions.


I don’t understand how they stay in business. Their products gobble resources like nothing I’ve ever seen. It’s astounding.

You’re extra welcome. :slight_smile: That site has a lot of useful stuff to download for free.

Arg. I just keep getting messages from the install program that my OS (XP) is not supported. Joy.

My XP box didn’t have that problem. What service pack are you using?

Partly inertia - their product is one of the most frequently-bundled AV packages on new Windows boxes, partly corporate sales - their software might be shit in terms of user experience, but it’s possible to deploy and administer it on a large scale quite easily, so I understand.

Absolutely right! And they must be at the top of the worst customer service in the universe. (or is that the bottom?)

No, that’s Sirius Cybernetics Corporation.

Go with AVAST. They are ashamed to admit they have a free version and they revamped the entire thing a couple of years ago. It is better than AVG ever was now.

Well, I found out the problem. I purchased this computer used from a friend and he neglected to tell me that this XP isn’t ahem legitimate. I’ll be correcting that shortly. :o

That’s a strange thing for AVG to worry about.

I gotta admit, I have been a very big AVG supporter in the past, but I am really digging Avast! lately.

When AVG did their latest version upgrade, I was unable to find the free version, and it was nagging the hell out of me, so I said ‘Screw it’ and switched to Avast.

It’s good to know there IS a still free AVG out there, though.

You could say the same thing about MS Windows.