Free booze is a wondeful thing.

When the wife and I took our delayed honeymoon to the Santa Ynez Valley this spring, we signed up for a couple of wine clubs at the wineries we really liked. The greatest find was a little winery called Mandolina in Solvang. They specialize in Italian varietals, and they are very good!

On to the point…this month’s shipment of wines was three bottles, instead of two. Seems the winery wanted to tout their new Pinot Bianco, so they sent a free bottle to every member of their wine club! If they think they can buy my loyalty and business by sending me free wine…

they’re right! :smiley:

I love their Barbera. Reasonably priced, and delicious.

We’re club members at Schug. They regularly send us one or two free ones with every shipment, b/c we’re, uh, really good customers. :slight_smile: