Free cast iron!

We were over at my mother’s, putting away all the Christmas decorations. I was moving stiff around in the closet and came across nested 6.5", 8" and 12" cast iron skillets, atop a cast iron griddle. Mom looked at them and said “Oh, those. I forgot they were in there. Can you use them?”


A little re-seasoning, just to be sure, and into kitchen rotation they go.

Lucky bastard. :smiley:

Lucky smeghead! :mad:

Actually, I’m not mad. My mom gave me a 10-1/4" and a 6-1/2" pan before she died.

But still… Lucky smeghead!

I had the same scenario, found my mom’s cast iron under a pile of stuff in the garage except I got a NO WAY! when asked if she wanted to give them to her favorite daughter :rolleyes:

What’s with all this cast iron talk all of a sudden? Anyway, congrats!

I can’t hate you. Welcome to the club!

I have those same sizes, plus a 10" and 14".

These aren’t my first. I have owned a cast iron chicken fryer for over 35 years. These are just sizes I didn’t have before. The real score is the griddle. I anticipate many sandwiches in the near future…

Is this the line to admit intense jealousy?

I’ll see you your three skillets and a griddle and raise you a Griswold double skillet. It gets more use than any other pot or pan in the kitchen.

I’ve told the story before, but I once got mis-delivered an entire set of Le Creuset enameled to add to my cast iron skillet collection. I made every attempt to find the person they were supposed to go to but was unable. The shipping company told me it was obviously their mistake, which they’d fix when somebody complained about not getting their order. They told me to keep them; so I did.

I Had a GREAT 14’’ Griswold, old and well seasoned . Nothing stuck to it…I used it a lot. Ex-wife dropped it…you all KNOW cast iron shatters don’t you…I cried.

I have yet to replace either.

A Griswold, yet! I feel for you, man. :frowning:

Dropped Griswold, ex-wife. Connection? :stuck_out_tongue:

My go-to skillet will be used tomorrow. Roast Legolam. I foresee lamb sandwiches in my future…

A nice MLT, where the mutton is nice and lean?

. . . that’s so perky!

I …
want to hate you.

But I can’t.


Ah! I’ve just had a slice of roast lamb, cooked in the cast iron skillet. At 139º, nicely rare.

Earlier today I used the fajita pan I bought at a yard sale for $2. Grilled cheese sandwich. Not a crumb stuck to the pan.

You think that’s weird, take a look at the mania a pretty obscure '87 IBM keyboard can induce. Other example

To be frank: I’m typing this on a keyboard that’s only 1 generation newer than that one. :slight_smile:

I hear everyone with the cast iron skillets. But this is what I use for grilled cheese… :smiley:

They are available on-line. I have one too.