Free Credit Card Money - 0% Interest

Having been bombarded for years with credit card offers, I’ve decided to play their game and take them up on their offer of free balance transfers and no interest for a year.

As little as $10,000 for a year at 4-5% is nothing to sneeze at.

Anybody else doing/done this ? Advice?? Warnings???

Do you purposefully start threads that look perfect above your username? 'Cause I think you do.

Search for a thread by me from about 2 weeks ago. Covered this topic pretty thoroughly.

This guy’s blog has some info on the various ins and outs.

The big thing to watch out for is the balance transfer fee, which is often 3% of the balance. If the 0% offer lasts a year (like most do), you’re not getting 0%, you’re getting 3%.