Free Dead Space (PC Game) from EA

Electronic Arts is offering the original Dead Space for free as part of their On The House promotion where they plan to give away games on a (semi-regular?) basis. Offer is good until May 8th but the game is yours permanently once you “buy” it. You will need to use their Origin client to “purchase”, install and play the game.

I assume then that it will not activate on Steam?

That is correct. It runs via the (competing) Origin client.

I have no issue with Origin but people’s opinions vary. Personally, I think it works fine and does what I want a game client to do so I have no issue with buying Origin games.

Cool. I prefer Steam to Origin, but have both, and have no problem buying something on Origin if it’s unavailable or more expensive on Steam.

I got Dead Space 3 for free as part of the SimCity debacle. It’s fitting that I can get the first game for free as well.

Cool. I think I already have it on Steam though from a Humble Bundle or something.

I remember liking DS, but loving DS2. Then I tried to play DS again, and there was something just awful about the controls that I couldn’t fix, and could not play it. I know that’s awful vague, and I don’t remember and more details. It’d be cool is for some reason this copy of DS from Origin somehow works better.

Nope, still sucks. There’s a massive lag between my mouse movement and the movement of the character. And it’s not my hardware, I have a ridiculously powerful new rig right now.

As I recall, you want to disable V-Sync

I had the same issue with responsiveness and that was the solution recommended to me. I’ll be honest and say I never got back into it to try (that I remember) but give it a shot and report back.

Looking around a bit, it is a VSync issue. Turning off VSync may lead to screen tearing so the recommended option if you suffer from the input lag and/or tearing issues is to use a 3rd party program (by Nvidia or AMD depending on your card) to set the game’s refresh rate at 60. Which is admittedly more annoyance than most people may want to screw with.

I’ll try that Jophiel, thanks!

Yes, Vsync was the lag problem, thanks again Jophiel.

There’s still something not right about the controls, though. My desire to play the game again is not enough for me to investigate and tweak it further, though.

I just don’t think the third person perspective is pulled off very well.
Batman games do it quite well, but I just didn’t like it in DS.