free dialup services

Are there any free dialup services left in the United States? Over here in Massachusetts we have which is totally free… I’m just wondering if any others exist out there. I know there’s netzero, but that only gives you 10 hours a month for free…

Covers much of Western Washington and part of New England (Duxbury, Chatham and Gilbertville) (go figiure). They’ll hit you for $10.00 if you need tech support (I never have), and they would reeeeeeeally love for you to sign up for the “ncplus” service; but the basic service is free and unlimited.

Well, NetZero and June=o both offer 10 free hours a month, so if you don’t spend much time on those work.

MetConnect is a free ISP that serves NYC.

Check out this site for some more…

Obviously I meant Juno and not June=o :smack:

Yeah, I’m an instructor at a college, and we get free dialup. They’re pretty good, but you get “booted” all of the time during peak hours of use. But, it’s free so, I can’t complain. Maybe it will have improved by the time I get back there. I hope anyway :smiley:

I used NetZero when I was waiting for my DSL to arrive. It worked pretty good for just checking email.