Free Music!

Now that I got your attention, here are some links I wanted to share… I set up a music server (through shoutcast) that streams radio from my computer to yours.

If you like Alternative, Rock, Rap, & Techno/Trance or you just wanna see what I am listening to click here

I spent about half an hour talking to a Freaking Robot!!! I know, it sounds lame, but check it out. Just talk to her (the A.I.) like a regular person, it’s kinda fun. Just don’t give one word responses or questions. Talk to A.I.

This is such a mean and entertaining prank to play: you must try it! You fool a friend into thinking they are talking to you or one of their friends, but they are talking to a bot! Then the conversation is e-mailed to you. Check It Out

And, since I said free music… I host an FTP server too… so if you know how to use FTP and want an account e-mail me: address deleted . I have movies, music, TV shows, music videos, etc. (I don’t want to brag about it here, I can send you an annotated list if you want).

Moderator’s Notes:
You’re lucky I don’t ban you for this stunt. The SDMB is not to be used to promote illegal activities. Which using your FTP site to host and distribute movies, etc. most certainly is.

Do not ever do this again on these boards, or you’ll be outta here before you can say copyright infringement.