Straight Dope Musicians -- Got Any of Your Own Music On MP3?

Here’s some of mine.

I wish I did, but I’m looking forward to hearing some of yours, soon as I figure out how to play 'em.

Oop, looks like I just did. Pretty rockin’. R U a Dream Theatre fan?

You’re pretty good. I like that in my music. Do you mind terribly if those are shared via Napster or some other tool?

I don’t have any music of my own on the web, but you might check out [url href=“”]Clif Confident, who is one of my friends from college.

nuts. here’s the link again:

Yeah, but my server’s down atm. So unlkess you catch me on Napster sometime it’s unlikely in the next week or so. Not that you really want to listen to our drunken sessions anyway.