Free PC game and free weekend notification thread

I’ve been seeing a lot of free PC game offers lately on the digital distribution sites. Someone will usually make a thread in the game room, but it’s difficult to find new threads in all the game thread clutter around here, so I figured it’d be good to have a home base to subscribe to in order to keep tabs on anything new. Plus the deals are often for only a day or a few days, so it’s easier to get notified quickly this way.

This is meant for games that are normally not free that are temporarily offered for free.

Current free games:

Witcher 2:

If you go to Good old games for their sale thread and log in or create an account, there’s a “stamp collection” button in the middle. You have to come back to gog 7 times in the next week, spaced 6 hours apart, and click that button each time, and you’ll receive the excellent Witcher 2 for free.

Mount and Blade

On that same page, there’s an option to get a free copy of Mount and Blade near the top with a clock and Get For Free button. You have about 30 hours left from the time of this post to grab it. However, you should know that Mount and Blade was supersceded by Mount and Blade: Warband, which has all the content of M&B and is a better game on top of that. So if you decide you’re interested in that series, and will spend time on it, it’s probably worth waiting for it to be $5 on sale sometime and grab it then. You can use the free game as a demo for that, I suppose.

Anyway, feel free to post when you see a free game. Free weekends seem worth mentioning too, so people can take a crack at a game they might be interested in.

DLH.Net is giving away a free copy of Commander: Conquest of the Americas Gold edition. Simply make an account on their site then go to your profile and activate your free game. You’ll need to link it to your Steam account the same way Humble Bundle and other sites now use.

As well as C:CotA, I believe you can still active the previous games they offered: Enclave, East India Company, Knightshift, Knights & Merchants HD and Pirates of the Black Cove.

Mount and Blade Warband is on Steam sale right now for $5 until tomorrow. I picked it up myself.

It’s not quite that simple. You have to be really fast. They’re only giving 500 keys an hour and they go super quick. I was only able to snag Enclave before all the keys for all the games were gone for this hour.

Maybe they’ll eventually have enough keys for everybody but for me, none of these games are worth jumping through hoops to get at this rate.

Are they? I only grabbed Commander: CotA since I had the rest from previous DLH give-aways but I had no problem getting it. Maybe I fortuitously slipped in after a “reload” without knowing it.

Things weren’t so bad. Today it only took 2 tries to get the rest of the games. Thanks for the link. I had never heard of that website before.

Free weekend for chivalry on steam. Definitely recommend trying (and buying it), I’ll be organizing SDMB games this weekend.

Has anyone heard of any news on when Steam’s Holiday sale will be this year?

27th to 3rd for black Friday, and winter sale starts on the 19th.

Torchlight for free;

but you have to download another game client.


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My bad

Good Old Games has another freebie: Age of Wonders. Scroll down to the middle of the page and log in or sign up for a free account.

Nancy the Happy Whore & the Perfidious Petrol Station, a retro point-and-click adventure in the Leisure Suit Larry or Maniac Mansion tradition is free from Fireflower Games.

SimCity 2000 is free on Origin just in case you’ve spent the last 14 years wishing you could own it but haven’t managed to save up six bucks yet.

Thanks. I purchased that 14 years ago, but grabbing it from Origin is a lot easier than trying to find the CD.

Although remember that Sim City 2000 came out in 1994. So you’d have been saving your pennies for 20 years, and Revtim would probably have better luck scouring the old floppy disc box than the old CD-rom one.

The latest call of duty game is on a free weekend from steam. Till Sunday at 10am pacific.

Same here! has some free games out. It doesn’t look like AAA titles, but hey, free games. Spin Wars and such.;price=0

My satellite internet just went to crap so I don’t know if this requires another installer or details for the games.

Triple free weekend. Civilization: Beyond Earth, Saints Row 4, and if you own L4D, there’s an Evolve beta you can download.