Free PC game and free weekend notification thread

CyberPower is a system builder and will overclock if you ask/pay them to. It’s listed in the system specs.

They may not OC systems that sell through retailers like Amazon or Newegg but they’ll definitely overclock systems ordered direct.

I just realized this should really be in the general PC chatter thread, not the free games thread.

Yeah I noticed that too so I apologize for the hijack. Just thinking out loud.

Agreed. Understatement, even.

Assuming you bought this around a year ago, it might be time to add another 16 GB of memory to bring it up to 32 GB. In a perfect world, another two sticks exactly like the ones you already have. I bet they’re pretty cheap nowadays. (I just did this for $65.)

Also, you probably don’t even notice it, but if it were me I would absolutely replace that mechanical HDD with a 2.5" SSD. Noisy and slow, a spinning disc is a crime against a machine as nice as yours. It’s not even like it’s huge; it’s only 2 TB. But of course it would be a pointless upgrade if you don’t even notice the drawbacks of the mechanical hard drive. (If you didn’t until now but now you start noticing it, my apologies.) Figure a little over $200 either way (2.5" or M.2) if you wanted to.

EDIT: A cursory search of your ram suggests it might be in the $120 to $150 range depending on latency. (Or $90 if your RAM is CL 18, but I doubt that based on the rest of your machine. Should be at least CL 16.)

I did buy it early January of this year. I probably just should have gone on ahead and gotten the 3080 card at the time (along with a 4k 144hz monitor instead of 2k 144hz), but it was expensive enough and I was replacing a ten year old rig that I could no longer upgrade. Wanted to future proof the CPU mostly, and have the ability to upscale this for at least 5 years if not more. I haven’t noticed the HDD yet as there’s nothing on it yet. My old PC had a 500GB drive and so I’m used to uninstalling games and installing others often in an effort to keep space free.
I was advised that more than 16GB of RAM were unnecessary for almost all games now and into the near future, should I really upgrade to more?

16 gigs of ram is more than adequate for any game. It can be worth upgrading further, but really that mostly affects doing multiple things at once, like if you have a lot of chrome tabs open and don’t want to close your browser to game. It’s not an urgent upgrade unless you find yourself regularly running out of physical ram in the performance monitor.

Overclocking isn’t a big concern these days. Modern chips are very good at dynamically adjusting to the available conditions and squeezing the most performance out of themselves as possible. Good cooling is still worthwhile because it gives the chip more room to work with, but you don’t really have to manually play around with settings except to turn on the automatic clock adjustment settings if they’re not on by default.

In the past the benefit could be massive - CPUs were fixed and didn’t adjust themselves automatically. Often times chips were underclocked relative to their capabilities due to marketing reasons (more demand at the mid-range vs high end). You used to be able to get 50%+ overclocks on some chips and it was very much worthwhile. Now the potential gain is more like 5-10%. I still do it, but it’s modest - by default my CPU maxes out at 4.6ghz when all 8 cores are being utilized and I set it to always run at 5ghz. Not really a big deal.

Another oldie from Ubisoft: Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is free through UbiConnect (formerly Uplay)

Excellent. I had that sitting on my steam list, I had quite enjoyed Blacklist which I recently bought, having tuned out the Splinter Cell franchise after first one. Nice to get a free game sitting on a wishlist somewhere, even if it was only a couple of dollars saved.

Guild of dungeoneering Kid A Mesia Exhibition and Never Alone are three from Epic this week, which kind of makes up for whatever last weeks was, which was something like the usual “free hats for an MMO pack”.

Just FYI, the Kid A game is just free-free (and a new release, released today), not a temporary freebie.

As a casual Radiohead fan though I don’t mind the notification and grabbed it. :slight_smile:

VR Blast on the oculus store.

Thanks! Oculus game sales/discounts are usually super lame so always nice to snag something for free.

Free Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Steam key from Fanatical. Have to click the box to subscribe to newsletter (can just unsub after).

Site’s getting hammered right now so might take a few clicks and waiting.

This week’s free Epic game is theHunter: Call of the Wild, a game where you traipse around some excellently rendered wilderness and occasionally fire your gun at a piece of native wildlife, missing by a country mile. Eventually, a bear mauls you to death.

At least, that’s how I play it.

Seriously, it is a beautiful game and, even if murdering fauna isn’t your thing, it’s worth it to just hike around the maps and enjoy pseudo-nature, especially on a beefy system.

Epic games is at it again…

Antstream - Epic Welcome Pack
Over a thousand retro arcade games available for cloud play. I think this is an always free offer rather than anything special

theHunter: Call of the Wild™
a hunting simulator with hyperrealistic environments.

With Antstream the time limited bit seems to be the Welcome Pack, which is 1090 Gems.

Basically Antstream is a cloud based retro gaming service. On Epic you need to use Gems to play games (30 per session I think). I think you can play a game as longer as you like, and keep adding credits for Arcade games, but you have to pay again if you close the game. You have to buy Gems if you run out, and you get some free gems every day as a login bonus, or for completing challenges (but you have to pay to enter the challenge). There is also a subscription for unlimited play for a year, as well as some free gems.

There is a free ad-supported version available outside Epic on the Antstream website ( You can get Gems by watching adverts (50 per advert). That also has a subscription option, but the Epic Games version seems to be a lot cheaper at the moment. The stand-alone version has separate User Accounts from the Epic Games version.

You might as well get the Welcome pack now if you think you might be interested, but before you put any money into it try the free version with adverts.

Yeah, I skipped on mentioning the Antstream thing because it’s not really a game but more like one of those “gem bundles” for microtransaction-fueled free games.

The new free games with Amazon Prime are up:
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered (EA/Origin)
Frostpunk Complete (GOG)
Journey to the Savage Planet Deluxe Bundle (GOG)

Plus a bunch of other games you can get off the main page Click the Games with Prime button to filter out all the other stuff.

Ok, someone is going to have to fill me in here. These are getting decent giveaways. Amazon prime to me was useless, I gave it up and mostly free over 20 pound delivery was just as quick as the paid version, so I saw no use for it. I have no use for the streaming platform, so I didn’t rate it.

However, even on the day of a steam sale with 50% off one of them, these amount to around 75 pounds, just short of an annual Prime subscription.

I’m not sure if I want any of these games, perhaps Frostpunk, but still it is good value.

Are they giving away significant games EVERY month? Have they given away much decent? Has this been happening for long?

They’ve always given away a rotating cast of games but most have been fairly forgettable smaller indie titles. Just in the last few months they’ve given away some flagship-style games. Last month was Contrast, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Earlier they gave away Battlefield V, (I think) Star Wars Battlefronts II and other stuff I’d have to dig too deep to remember. No idea what the future holds – I wouldn’t get Prime just for the games but, if you’re a gamer who has Prime, no reason to leave free games on the table.

Is the code only valid for you? Ie: I’ve other non gamers I know who have prime, can they request a code and mail me it?