free photo editors?

Can anyone recommend a decent (and preferably spyware-free) photo editing program? I don’t need gamma correction and all that stuff, just to be able to crop jpegs and gifs without having to buy Photoshop…

I’ve never used it myself since I’m using Picture Publisher by Micrografx, but GIMP ( is said to be excellent.

I have to cast another vote for The GIMP. Of course, I’m one of the authors, so I’m biased. It’ll definitely do everything you want and more.

Version 1.4 should be out soon!

For simple cropping, and file format conversion, I’ve been using IrfanviewIrfanview . Not as complex, or full featured, as GIMP (which I just discovered through this thread, and am downloading now!).

Hmmm, I use Photoshop extensively for all the webwork I do in my various on-line cat clubs. But all I’m ever usually doing is erasing backgrounds, cutting-and-pasting, recoloring, etc. Occasionally I will do animations and original images, but mostly not. It looks like GIMP would suit my purposes just fine. I’ll try it out.