Free Ridicule Forum--Top Priority

Who says we have to give a first time poster & someone who can’t express themselves properly (yet comes here to complain about the board) that opportunity? You? Fine, your circus, your monkey… translate it.

No, its an indication that they can’t express themselves properly or effectively in the written language of English. Until they can, what they write is indistinguishable from nonsense.

I vote we start a new forum for playing Thread Games about Freely Ridiculing People involved in Current Events.

For me, I always think of the “Biggus Dickus” scene in Monty Python’s Life of Brian, since that’s the only place I’ve ever encountered that word. Then I start hearing everything I read in Pontius Pilate’s voice – which can be good or bad, depending on the circumstances.

That was fun! How is it done? Like, Javascript, or…? Anyway, fun!

The results are also fun! This is the sharpest collection of utter crap since Crank.Net. (I miss Crank.Net! It was such a jolly place to go for horseshit like ebuc76’s free-form, zero-content, stream-of-consciousness concept salad.)

ebuc, thanks for stopping by.

The OP should go ebuc a cactus.

Ahem, Carbona, not glue.

I agree. I don’t know what crime he’s supposed to have committed, but with a name like Ridicule Forum, he’s suffered enough. Set the poor bastard free.

I thought he was protesting an illegal imprisonment in Azkaban.

I always think of ideas falling along the risible spectrum.

ecub is cube backwards. Maybe the Time Cube guy is on a new crusade?

Time Cube guy said (for pages and pages) that anybody who disagreed with him were evil liars. That was before he finally got to his point. ecub67 seems to think this is the proper way of selling his philosophy.

I know little about holistic science, but I am given to think that it advocates understanding a system as a whole rather than concentrating on its component parts. ecub67 wants to extend this to the whole universe, which is why he spells it “wholistic.” Moreover, he says our universe has to be finite, or we’d never be able to understand it holistically. Anybody who disagrees is supporting/encouraging unnecessary physic slapping of others in any ridiculistic manner that tickles their cruel intentions. “Evil liars” for short.

Does he understand what bias is? Does he understand that science uses empiricism to avoid bias? Maybe he wants to be the next Newton or Einstein, who stumbles across the unknown scientific principle that all the sudden changes everything. Those individuals still needed help to get their ideas across, and they didn’t get it with pre-emptive scoffing. Or with multicolored fonts.

Actually ecub is buce backwards :stuck_out_tongue:

More sideways, actually.

Ah yes, another person with oddball ideas who has a meltdown when faced with Morbo saying “LIFE NOT WORK THAT WAY!”.

If neither you nor your ideas can stand scrutiny and even ridicule, the fault lies not in others, but yourself.

Word salad may be ideation, but it isn’t ideas. And certainly not profound ones.

In the same way that making random noises doesn’t constitute speech. Much less great literature.

I deeply pity people whose thinker is that badly defective. But that doesn’t mean I care to engage with them.

That’s not really fair. Stoneburg can at least write a coherent sentence. And spell.

He can write a coherent sentence…that still says nothing at the end.

'zactly. He’s mastered syntax. But it’s still mostly semantics-free.

Somebody’s golden retriever just got burned…I am just not quite sure whose.

Sure. But he can at least attain intelligibility. ebuc76 is pure gibberish. With rainbows.

Starting your incoherent, contextless posts without, at least, a fucking color key would get you a long way for starters.

Also, hey, bring some goddamn context to whatever the fuck you’re rambling on about before you start slathering on the retarded, repetitious, hubris, arrogance and intellectual superiority with a putty knife.

Here’s a clue, dickwad, you’re not as smart as you think you are, so when you can manage to stop sucking your own dick, maybe we can have a real discussion on physics and philosophy.

Get over yourself.

Where’s the Tylenol?