Free Ridicule Forum--Top Priority

Straight Dope is a jokers forum for clowns who’s sole fantasy is to support/encourage unecessary physic slapping of others in any ridiculistic manner that tickles their cruel intentions.

Ex…" For frank exchanges of views on less-than-cosmic topics."…

This clown lacks moral and intellectual integrity ergo reduces intellectual content to ridicule of others and supports others to do the same.

Straight Dope forum is not straight, and the only dope they appear to have used or current use is glue. imho


Wait… you were being serious with that cosmic stuff???..

I have no idea what this is, but…

Reported. For reasons of sanity, perhaps.

I seriously don’t get how that can be so hard to get. Are you really that locked into your own world view and linguistic preferences that you can’t understand what he is trying to communicate? In that case this could be an opportunity for you to explore someone else’s world view and linguistic framework.

I have this irrational fear of nonsense. Color me crazy.


If you define everything you can’t understand as nonsense, you will be stumping your own development. There’s nothing inherently dangerous in entertaining views that are pre- or trans-rational.

I’m not sure whether the cosmological hierarchy he proposes is valid or how it stands up to other models, but at least I am able to discern what it is. The fact that you don’t understand what it is should be an indication that you’re not competent to declare it nonsense.

There are cultural norms, and violating them egregiously will tend to engender scorn.

Our correspondent wrote a heap of gibberish – and submitted it to a forum that partakes of reasoned debate, thought, rationality, evidence-based epistemology…and, yeah, a big side-order of snark.

He got better than I would have gotten going to, say, a Catholic forum and talking about the five dimensional Christ-Dragon whose genitals strew star-jism. His post really was that degree of nonsensical.

Maybe we were wrong in making fun of him. Maybe we should have engaged in a therapeutic round of clarifications. “Now, can you tell us what you meant by ‘occupied.’” Except that we’ve seen crackpots before, and they don’t participate rationally. They dump their load, and then whine when they aren’t greeted as savants.

So… Nuts. The OP is full of cheap prunes, and his cosmology is risible. The colored letters are a dead giveaway of “Time Cube”-variety faulty reasoning. The arrantry and self-certainty are another rhetorical betrayal.

As Exapno Mapcase might say, the odds are a million trillion to one that this guy has nothing productive to offer and nothing meaningful to say.

I love that word. Makes me think laughter is qualitatively similar to rice. I think it has something to do with the feeling of grains slipping through your fingers.

What a lovely image. I can see that just one or two grains at first, then a few more, then a steady stream that becomes a gush - that’s a great metaphor for the way a quiet chuckle becomes a gasping guffaw.

What, no link? The thread ebuc76 started is Cosmic Thinker.

You did not come here to exchange views. You posted gibberish (and reposted it and reposted it) and then dared anybody to prove you wrong.

If you wanted to exchange views, you could have defined your terms and laid out your argument in coherent fashion.

You and Stoneburg might want to remember Carl Sagan’s quote: “It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.”

Otherwise, things get ridiculistic.

To the extent that this was meant to be complaint about the board, we’ll say it belongs in ATMB.

ETA: My bad. Our friend is complaining about the whole board, not the moderation. Off to the Pit.

Count your blessings. Some people here, like me, actually PAY for their ridicule.

Married, huh? Me too.

Are you looking for a Free Ridicule Forum or a Ridicule Free Forum? Because you’re getting the former, but you’re in the wrong place for the latter.

Sounds like more of that “Woo Non-Aggression Pact” to me-You pretend to understand his gibberish, he pretends to understand your gibberish, and the two of you woos stand together bravely against the viscous onslaught of logic and reason. I’ve seen this crap going on for years, and so can anyone else. All you have to is go to any “psychic fair”-dozens of woosters with dozens of mystical, magical claims, most of which contradict each other…but they will never say so to the paying customers because honesty is the very first thing to go.

Yuck! It takes hours to get reason like this out of cashmere!

How dare you speak about Frank that way. What did he ever do to you?

Invaded Lutetia and assailed the Belgae.

I hate spellcheck.