Free software requests (hitchhikers welcome)

Recommend me some free software for the following:

PhotoShop ultralite - something simple to screw around with photos, like pasting Godzilla’s head on teh kitteh. Something to morph an existing photo would be cool, too.

Folder inventory - something that will create a text listing of all the files in a folder.

Hitchhikers to the thread are welcome - I’m always interested in other nifty apps that people need and use.

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Folder inventory is easy. You use the DOS prompt.

The command, I think, is:

C:\Dir [filepath] > output.txt

Google the Dir command, and look for add-ons like /b and /s to fine-tune what you want.

Folder inventory stuff: PrintFolder

It adds a menu item to the right-click context menu, allowing you to create a file list from any folder you right-click. It has a set of options that allow you to change what sort of information is stored in the output text file.


I haven’t used it, but has been getting good reviews for a free image editor.

Another quite capable graphics manipulation program is the Gimp - but there is a little bit of a learning curve if you’re not already familiar with layer-oriented graphics editors.

Free photo editors/paint prorgams:

The Gimp (Mac/Win/Linux) (Windows only)

The DOS/command-line method for folder inventory is probably the easiest. Some examples:

C:> dir /s . > folders.txt
Does a simple search of all normal files on your C drive and puts the resuts in folders.txt.

C:> dir /s /ah /as . folders.txt
Does a search but includes the Hidden and System File attributes so that all hidden and system files will be included in the results.

You can inventory folders from a certain depth and beyond by simply switching into those folders from the command prompt and using the above search-and-dump methods.

Picasa is a free download from Google that has some pretty powerful photo editing capabilities. Not sure about head transplants, but it does a great job with red-eye and color correction, etc.


I haven’t gotten around to looking at the image-editing stuff yet, guys.

i just want the picture of teh kitty with godzillas head…

I 2nd everything that has been mentioned so far.

I recommend, if you are looking for free software, you take a look at Gizmo’s Freeware. It’s a great place to find reviews of the best free software out there. Each category of software is personally reviewed by its respective editor (of which we have over 60 editors contributing), so you are getting a real perspective on the software and not simply a rating.

Bookmarked for further review.

Why install software?
Pixlr, free Flash-based Photoshop-like image editor.

Looks pretty good. All I have to do now is learn it.

While this distinction might not matter for the OP’s purposes, I just want to point out that neither these

nor this,

are actually free software in the general sense, only as in beer. I believe the term you’re looking for is “freeware”.

Kim Komando came out in favor of GIMP today.

Why is it impossible to have a conversation like this without some self-important freeware fetishist feeling the need to explain the difference between “free as in speech” and “free as in beer,” as if no-one else knows the difference? Do you want to give us a lecture on open-source code also?

As you noted in your own pointless post, for the OP’s purpose the distinction is basically irrelevant. Hell, the OP himself did not ask for “freeware,” he asked for “free software.” You knew what he meant, everyone else knew what he meant, and he himself made clear that he was happy with the answers that he was getting.

There are, in the world of software and coding, important differences between things like “freeware” and shareware," between open source and closed source code, and between all sorts of different licensing agreements. But it’s really not at all relevant to this thread. Furthermore, if the OP did want to know the difference, your post wouldn’t have even helped him, because you were so caught up in playing “gotcha” that you never even explained the difference for people who don’t know what it is.