Free-Standing "Clock" like an iPad Analog Clock App?

I have a strong preference for an analog clock, but also like complete quiet.

I’ve been trying to find a free-standing device that displays an analog clock in the same way clock apps might on an iPad, or like the analog clock that comes with an iPod nano.

Any recommendations?

Not sure if I understand what you want. Are you looking for a analog clock that doesn’t use a electric motor to turn the hands?

Closest I found is this Atomic clock. I’m not sure if it has a motor or not. I like it because it adjusts for daylight savings automatically. No more climbing on a chair twice a year.

This brand is sold in various styles, wood, chrome, blue etc.

Yes, I’m looking for something that doesn’t have any moving parts (thus, something that is somehow displayed on a screen). Reason is that all mechanical analog clocks seem to make a noise.

The OP is looking for a digital clock that instead of displaying digital numbers it displays a picture of a traditional clock face. Literally a round screen that you hang on your wall with a picture of a clock on it, that keeps time.

Oddly enough, I wasn’t able to find any on a quick web search. Sounds like something ThinkGeek would have but no.

I’ve seen analog clocks that use led’s to give the impression of clock hands. I didn’t look that closely, but I seem to recall they showed five minute intervals.

My searching on Amazon didn’t turn up anything. But, I’m sure I’ve seen them in Walmart or Target.

In trying to explain what I was looking for again, it occurred to me that electronic picture frames might offer this feature. It turns out, some do:

Maybe this?


Nice, thanks!

You’re very welcome.

Actually, I also want one of these, but I didn’t realize that there were so many to choose from:

Do be aware, with the “silent” clocks, that some commenters claim that they have very sensitive hearing and can still hear the whirring of motors in these clocks. (That’s what led me to seek a purely digital solution.)

Watch the clearance sites like Woot for a really cheap tablet. Won’t be square, but it will be silent - and pricier :slight_smile:

You can buy an old, underpowered Android phone on eBay for dirt cheap, and run a clock widget on that. It won’t be very big, but big enough for a desk clock.

'nuther thought. I think some of the digital photo frames have a clock mode, you might want to research those.

(or you could display a photo of your favorite analog time piece - it should be accurate twice a day :D)

The options I can think of are:

  1. Tablet/spare computer with suitable app (if you have one)
  2. Digital photo frame
  3. Some analog clocks have second hands that don’t “tick”, they sweep. They might be quieter.

If you read the reviews on Amazon they’re all positive about the silence, and I’d imagine those that buy this clock… :slight_smile: