Free Starbucks!!!

So, I just finished the tastiest Non-Fat No-Whip Extra-Hot Venti Mocha I’ve ever ordered (you know how long it took me to learn to order that with a straight face?).

It was the best because it was free.

Did you know that Starbucks uses those “Buy 5 Get One Free” Cards? All you have to do is ask for it and they’ll give you one. At least, they game me one.

Today was the payoff… yah baby!

Other Starbucks Milestones:

  • The day the Latte Girl learned my name
  • The day the Counter Manager learned my usual order

Uh, Starbucks coffee is terrible. It’s like, the McDonalds of caffeine. “Maybe if we over-roast the beans, people won’t be able to tell we bought them on the cheap” might be a great business model, but it makes for a lousy cup of coffee.

(Whoohoo! Next stop: GD!)

So what are the specific taste notes of an over roasted bean grind?

I have to put at least twice as much sweetener in Starbucks coffee, it’s so bitter.

Green Mountain for me, thank you.

Starbucks Schmarbucks.

(not like I don’t have a venti coffee there everyday, but I digress)

Here’s my Starbuck’s experience from this morning.

“Hello, sir, might I interest you in this handy Starbucks travel mug. The great thing about it is if you buy this travel mug, you get one free coffee a day from now until October 1st.”
“Cool, how much is it?”
“Thirty dollars.”
“{Splort} … thirty dollars? For a friggin mug? Why don’t you jam that mug up your …”

Ok, I didn’t really freak out like that, but, really. $30 for a mug and free coffee? If it at least came with a blow job, I’d have considered it.

Well, with a $4 cup of coffee every day, that cup pays for itself rather quickly. That’s why I like my local coffee shop - Green Mountain coffee, huge cups, $1.50 each.

The Starbucks I work at is out of those cards, and has been as long as I’ve worked there. We have the little stamp, though.

I agree that some of the stronger coffees are barely drinkable. Don’t even try the Anniversary Blend, it’s not all that great. I personally like Verona, but I’m no expert. You might try some of the less flambeed coffees; just ask for “mild” when you order it.

Believe it or not, there are people for whom the $30 mug is a good deal. For most of the populace, however, it is definitely a ripoff. I mean, come on, thirty bucks?? (On a side note, it’s free coffee till the 31st of October … so, it’s like a month and a half. Whoopee)
Dragonblink, currently drinker of the double tall extra vanilla latte, formerlly a member of the Caramel Macchiato Clan.

Free Starbucks?

I didn’t know they were oppressed.


Burnt, acrid, and bitter. Not to mention, gut-destroying. And while I’m bitching about Starbucks, it’s the only place I’ve managed to get tepid espresso. How the hell do they do that? From steam to bathwater after travelling five feet? Do they used compressed air to push the water through without waiting for it to boil? What?!

Also, the corporate jargon is insulting–

Mudd: Double espresso please.
Starbucks Employee: You mean a Dobio?
Mudd: I’d like a double espresso.
SBE: So, a Dobio, right?
Mudd: I’d like two shots of espresso in a demitasse.
SBE: That’s a Dobio.
Mudd: I’m not going to say that.
SBE: One Dobio!

give this a try…

My brother went into a Starbucks with his three year old son the other day. Ordered a cappucino for himself and a cup of water with the special plastic drinking lid for his boy. Added one of the sleeves for good measure. Whilst they sat at a table and sipped from their identical looking cups, Jim just LOVED the looks he got from Moms walking by the table! :smiley:

Good to know that I’m not the only one who visualized a long line of manacled Starbucks being marched off to their doom when I saw the thread title.

Was I the only one who cheered?

–Balance, who doesn’t like coffee in the first place

I don’t really mind Starbucks, although I agree that their coffee has a bit of a “bite.” But some people prefer it that way.

My own personal preference is Seattle’s Best, and I drink latte grande, double, skim milk, light on the foam. [sub]just in case anyone is in the area and wants to bring me a treat[/sub] I seldom buy them anymore, ever since I woke up one day and realized how much money I was spending on Latte’s. Yikes! Back to good old French Roast, black. THAT I can make at home for next to nothing. ::sigh:: I am like SO Scottish. :frowning:


No, you weren’t.

–Arden, who likes the smell of fresh ground coffeebeans but can’t stand the taste of coffee.

I, too, was expecting a bunch of picket signs in here…

Actually, I’ve only been to Starbucks twice. Both on my surreal trip to the Pacific Northwest while I was visiting Internet Friend Rob. So I’ll never be able to go to Starbucks again, because the experience will never live up to the wonderful, bizarre trip. Sigh

–Ferggie, who can only stand coffee when it’s had too many candy-like additives to truly be called coffee anymore.

I love Starbuck’s. I usually go every morning on the way to the office.

My favorite is a triple shot Venti Mocha, skinny, no whip. I also get a regular size house blend coffee with room for cream, which I drink after I suck down the Venti Mocha.

I honestly think their coffee is pretty good. And I agree that for take home beans, the Verona is the best I’ve had from Starbuck’s so far.

I like strong, bitter, high-high-high octane joe.

Sleep much? Uh, no…