Its been 6 years now since life ended for two promising young men… the sons of a sadistic southern California businessman, Eric and lyle were trying hard to “get their lives back together”. Unfortunately, under the strain of years of sexual abuse, they both cracked. In an act of self-defense, they shot their parents-most likely suffering from delayed abuse syndrome (“DAS”).
Their funds are gone, and they cannot mount an adequate appeal-can you help?
Please send anything you can afford, to help keep these poor orphans from wasting their young lives behind bars!

These “poor orphans” are orphans only because they killed their parents. Lessee…years of sexual abuse? I don’t buy it. After all, they’re the ones who said that’s why they killed their parents. Now, who was on trial again?

I smell a troll.

Gene,Gene the trolling machine.

“Pardon me while I have a strange interlude.”-Marx

Now where did I put that air powered harpoon again? I can never find the damn thing when I need it.

“To lose one parent may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.” – Oscar Wilde

your humble TubaDiva
Tell you what, let’s try it this way: when those parents get up and walk out of the cemetary, the boys can walk out of prison. Deal?

TubaDiva: Did you ever hear the definition of “chutzpah”? It’s killing both your parents and then asking the court for mercy because you’re an orphan.

(And, yes, this was coined long before the M. Bros.)

Gene, I have tears in my eyes. Those poor boys. Where do I send my check?

This is their appeal for more prison time, right? I’m all for that.

DavyB,who’s this Mbros every body is always talkin about? The only reference i could find is “Orphan; one whose parents have had the good fortune to miss the trials and tribulations of raising children” - Mbrose Bierce

“Pardon me while I have a strange interlude.”-Marx

I don’t find this “funny” at all…
everybody makes a few mistakes in life, why should Erik and Lyle pay for theirs forever.
It’s much better that they boys have productive lives-what’s past is past…

A mistake is running over your neighborh’s dog.
Killing your parents in cold blood is not a mistake.
Get a life, dude; your sympathies are misplaced.

he is kidding- obviously!

“Screw you guys…I’m goin’ home!”

{{{I don’t find this “funny” at all…}}}

I do.

{{{everybody makes a few mistakes in life, why should Erik and Lyle pay for theirs forever.}}}

They won’t. It’s only until they die, and they won’t live forever.

{{{It’s much better that they boys have productive lives-what’s past is past…}}}

Pretty low probability of that. You obviously don’t live in an area where they might be released–if something THAT insane took place.


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