Free Whataburger's tomorrow (8-3-2010)

Too bad I’m not on parole, 'cause this announcement would fill in some quality community service hours. :wink:

Anyway, you have to wear something orange, but that’s it. Oh, and show up between 5-8pm.

Public Service Bump

Dang, I forgot that was today. And I don’t have anything orange. :frowning:

If I didn’t like this shirt so much, I do have an orange highlighter…


Oh, how you torture me.

Heh, the Whataburgers in Austin TX are probably having to add on abattoirs in the back.


No problem for me. I have a throwback Denver Broncos jersey. :smiley:

WhatsaWhataburger? :wink:

(they don’t have them around these parts)

Best damn burger you can get at a fast food joint, in my opinion.

I always customize my burger, even if it’s just no pickle/no onion/add cheese, but in honor of the birthday I didn’t make any substitutions. I’d forgotten how good the standard Whataburger is, even though I’m not fond of onion or mustard. That was entertaining to hang out and see all the people lined up or crowded around the lobby wearing bright orange shirts.

Mine too. This thread is torturing me to the degree I’m debating the merits of dragging laundry to the laundromat for the next few years and taking my washing machine money to the airport to buy a ticket so I can get to Whataburger.


Muther Fracker.

I noticed this at 8:31 local time.