Look at this thread:

Follow the link in the thread to the ACLU brief of the case.

Realize you live in 21st century America.

Realize this is no goddamned joke.

Get as mad as hell.


I’m not a Wiccan, but I am very concerned about the state of religious tolerance in America. I am so angered by this news I want to rip the esophagus out of Bushyhead with my bare hands. I want to grab a sledgehammer and make sure Bushyhead never has a funtional snake in his bush again. I want to brand a pentagram onto Bushyhead’s chest and force him to stare at it in a roomful of mirrors with his eyelids ripped off. This is the angriest I’ve been in a long time. Bushyhead obviously lacks the mental agility of a sun-dried botfly. I hope the court laughs that steaming pile of old colostomy bags right out of his job. He would not be qualified to find his right hand if it was taped to his face with a label reading ‘Your right fucking hand’ attached to it. He would not be fit to felch a goat if a straw was taped to his and he was pushed down into the goat’s ass and told to suck. Bushyhead is one of those people who finds a copier to increase his muscle tone. He drives with a cardboard sunscreen in his windshield while screaming into his cellphone about how fucking dark it is now and how fucking hard to see it is. He does not deserve to be called human. He does not deserve to be called stupid. And he surely does not deserve to be called principal.

sighhhhh… Well, blessed Imbolc to them too.

That should read:

He would not be fit to felch a goat if a straw was taped to his mouth and he was pushed down into the goat’s ass and told to suck.


Derleth, if you are saying “Bushyhead” to mean George W., um the OP stated that this was Dec. of 1999 in Oklahoma, which in this case means said W. Bush most likely has nothing to do with said issue.

With that said, then one needs to get pissed off at the school board and principle, not a now public figure that up until January 22 or whatever wasn’t even our president.

I agree that religious intolerance with regards to those outside of Christianity in our nation is in peril but I don’t think that blaming Bush for something that happened long before he even took power makes a lot of sense for anyone. (if you want to talk in a year or in six months about his stupid religious leanings in law, then I will be more than happy to back you up.)

So my friend, light a pipe filled with some KGB or if you are like me, rather turn on some good smooth jazz, watch the colors of life go by then you might realize what happened in Oklahoma happens all the time. It may not be religion all the time but it’s some thing that someone doesn’t like.

Okay and to ammend what I said…shoot, it could have happened anywhere, but the President could give a rat’s ass about one school in Tulsa…in either case, don’t blame him, blame the school board.

Fighting ignorance does not begin with the top leader, it begins in our local communities one by one then move up from there. :wink:

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Damn, shoulda read the rest, not just what I had read prior.

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heh. And I was about to mock you techie.

Just to let everyone else know. Derleth wasn’t talking about our fair haired prez.

The Complaint from the ACLU site:


As a Christian, I am appalled…How could someone that stupid be made principle. The school system in Ft Worth had a dress code rule forbiding Pentagrams. My nephew wrote the ACLU about it(he also is a Christian), but the school district appears to have backed off thier dress code a bit. He told the ACLU that he wouldnt want someone prohibiting him from expressing his beliefs, so its not fair that the restrict other peoples expression of thier religion. I was so proud…

Believe me P, my face is as red as a baby with severe diaper rash!!!


As a practicing Pagan, I’d like to give Mr. Bushyhead the benefit of the doubt. I’d like to think that perhaps he is grossly misinformed about Wicca. I’d like to think that maybe Mr. Bushyhead got Wicca (which abhors causing people harm) confused with something like, oh, I don’t know, voodoo, a religion which actually does on occasion cast spells such as the one Brandi Blackbear is accused of casting. I’d like to think that perhaps all Mr. Bushyhead needs is a little education on this subject.

I’d also like to think that maybe this year I’ll finally get that pony for Christmas.

This guy’s head is so far up his ass he’s eating the same thing for lunch today that he had yesterday–only this time, it’s wrapped up in his lower intestine instead of a baggie. Pat Robertson is looking at this guy and saying “man, you’re a fuckin’ loon!”

I’d like to ask my Goddess to give Mr. Bushyhead a little insight, but She’s been busy helping me improve my bowling scores. I don’t think I want to push my luck.

I’d like to see this matter brought to court.

“Your honor, we’d like the defendant, Mr. Bushyhead, to provide conclusive evidence that the young lady in question used magic to make her teacher sick.”

I hope Bushyhead feels like working at McDonald’s for the rest of his life, 'cuz with an idiotness like this on his record, he sure won’t get hired anywhere else… I would hope.

First of all if they don’t believe of the religion as a reall thing, than how can they say she did something to that teacher if it is not real?
That and if they looked into things at all they would know that if she is practicing Wiccan you are to harm none, and do nothing against anothers will.
I wonder if her parents got a private lawyer or if they went through COG or any other Wiccan lawyer groups.
Matt, and others who come in, Happy Imbolic. Ritual planned? I’m doing full moon tonite.

I’m neither Christian nor Wiccan and I don’t think it matters in this case–any intelligent, thinking, feeling human being–no, screw that. Any human being with an IQ of over 50 can determine the only side to take here.

That someone with the inability to find his ass with both hands is a high school principal, however, does not surprise me. Hell, sounds like my high school principal.

There are times when I might take issue with the ACLU, but right now I hope they rip this guy a new asshole.


“Hmm… a teacher is sick… a student is wiccan… it must be her fault!”

“Hmm… a bike has been stolen… a student is black… it must be his fault!”

Both those statements are equally true.

OK, folks- before you all get riled up- we have heard ONLY the plaintiffs side of the story, in a Civil lawsuit. Perhaps none of that happened as the plaintiff claims. Perhaps there is a legit explanation for it. Or maybe not. But- we have heard only one side- and of course- the plaintiffs side is biased towards the plaintiff- big surpize.

If all this turns out to be not true- or blown completely out of proportion- there will be the biggest “never mind” since she left the cast of SNL.

I’d have to say that I don’t think this particular argument holds up. Their are plenty of Christians would don’t give their riches to the poor, there are plenty of Hindus who would gladly kill, and God knows I’m a Jew who loves a good cheeseburger so I don’t think just because the person in this instance is a practicing wiccan means she abides by the tenets of the faith.

But y’all are right. He’s way the hell out of line. If the young woman had actively cast a spell and warned the target that, “I’m gonna get you” or something similar than I think there’d be a decent case for assault (though not battery). But there appears to be no such animal here. Just authority figures abusing their power to intimidate a 15 year old. It’s kinda like shooting fish in a barrel.

<meaningless attack>
But you gotta feel sorry for anyone named “Bushyhead” don’t you? You just know that guys got a lot of pent up rage inside.
</meaningless attack>

I can see what you are saying that people sometimes do not stay true to the religion. Anger and pride can get the best of everybody at sometime or another. It can be the smallest thing to the biggest thing.
And what is the deal with Jews and cheeseburgers? I thought that it was pork they couldn’t eat not beef. I mean I should know these things since my grandma was Jewish until her mother married and Irish Catholic, which as you all know was a big no-no to the family. But alas, I don’t know these things all that well.

Why would a baby be wearing a diaper on its face? :slight_smile:

Kricket -

I’m not clear on the explicit dietary law, and so may explain this poorly.

The reason practicing Jews won’t eat cheeseburgers is because it involves the meat of the cow and the milk of the cow, which according to the law cannot be eaten at the same time. Similarly, they probably wouldn’t have a hamburger and a milkshake at the same time, though IIRC they could have a milkshake after the hamburger was down.

Again, though, IANAJ, so I don’t know for sure. This is just what I remember being told by a Jewish friend.

I wonder if Mr. Bushyhead knows that if the student weighs the same as a duck, she’s made out of wood, and therefore a witch!

I heard she turned the teacher into a newt, but he got better.