Freedom Tower?!

“Freedom Tower”
What a pompous, stupid, Orwellian name for the structure being built on the ruins of the appropriately named World Trade Center.

They might as well paint a fuckin’ bull’s eye on the side of the building and be done with it.

Oh, and here is the link.

[tinfoil]Ah, but it’s really quite ingenious. It’s inevitable that the CIA will blow up the Freedom Tower in order to get more rebuilding contracts for Haliburton and provide evidence to the American public that Iran needs to be invaded. Imagine how much more poignant the story will be if the Freedom tower gets destroyed!!! Jeb’s administration can use it as proof that the terrorists hate freedom![/tinfoil]

I could be wrong, but wouldn’t that North Carolina Republican congressman who recently turned against the war now prefer that this structure be called the “French Fry Tower?”


Build the twins back up, that thing is fugly.

And the WTC wasn’t? I must admit that I was under the impression that the design of the building was going to change and all they did was change the set back.

While I miss not having to come above-ground for more than 100 paces on my way to work, downtown Manhattan is much brighter with no towers there.

Good Lord, it’s a hypodermic syringe. clings to CN Tower

I didn’t see it in the article you linked to, but there’s even a beam of light that’s going to shoot up into the sky from the roof. They might as well officially call it the “Terrorist Navigation Beacon”.

Now that is really a new extent of obnoxious megalomania…

“Hey, man, is that Freedom Tower?”

“Yeah, man.”

“Well turn it up, man!”

I’m not following your rant.

Do you really believe this building would be any less of a target if were called
Fred J. Bloggs Building?

The scum-of-the-Earth will want to destroy it regardless.

Would you want to rename the Liberty Bell too?

I admit, I really liked the old design. It had a real panache to it.

ROFL! I’ve been doing such menial tasks today at work that it has lulled me into a trance-like state. Reading that knocked me out of it, and for that I thank you sir. :smiley:

Topic? I don’t know that I like the tower either, especially the name. I’m sure it’ll be pretty cool to see though.

I quite like this version. Dumb name, but nice design.

What I’d really like to see is a fist rising out of the ground with the middle finger proudly extended. But I’m not a new yorker and I might get tired of seeing that on my commute in every morning.

No, they were perfectly fine looking.

No worse than renaming Newark Airport Liberty International I suppose. It’s been said before but bears repeating, bald megalomaniac or not, Trump as a point

I think the design is definitly an improvement over the original. Something desperatly needs to be done about the name, though.

Your wish is my command…

I like the design, but the name…oye…


Starbucks Tower
McDonald Tower
Comerica-Disney-Trump Tower