freezer gaps

ok, here’s the deal. I have a very old Dwyer “fridge/freezer -stove - sink” arpartment kitchenette unit. The freezer has some gaps in the box I believe disallowing it to work/freeze well. Soupy ice cream, etc. You get the idea. There’s also gaps around the freezer door (I believe is after-market). What can I use to seal the gaps in box as well as around freezer door? I’ve thought about jb weld for the box and some type of foam or rubber gasket/weatherstripping for the door.

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For the door, there’s probably a magnetic strip inside the gasket that can be replaced. And they make a type of tape for fixing holes and tears in the gasket. You can also buy the gasket material. I’d use silicone for sealing, it’s sticky and will hold on less than ideal surfaces.