French AIDS Prevention PSA

Featuring a graffiti Mr Unhappy (YouTube). This is awesome!

Truly awesome. I wonder if that could be shown in the U.S. without all sorts of groups taking umbrage.

Sheah, right. No fucking* way.
*Used for emphasis, not to be punny.

OMG that was awesome. I actually didn’t expect them to show the resolution but they sure did.

It’s more anti pregnancy than anti-AIDS.

Realistically you’re chances of getting AIDS via heterosexual sex, absence drug use especially is a lot less than getting HIV.

It might be better to show anal sex, which is the key route of AIDS transmission in the West.

That said, enough criticism, it certainly is original and creative.

After all that brouhaha over Janet Jackson’s nipple? Not a chance. I can see heads 'sploding from coast to coast.

I’m guessing you mistyped that? As written it’s technically true, but kind of misses the point.

Does anyone know how this was made? Was it actual stop-motion drawings on walls, or was it animated in on top of footage of clean walls?