French Chew/Turkish Taffy and euphoric recall

Ever since it became unavailable, I’ve longed for Turkish Taffy. For decades now, I’ve yearned for this sticky, chewy, filling-ruining treat.

Not long ago, I became apprised of the fact that the product, “French Chew”, is about as close as I’ll ever get to Turkish Taffy.

So I tried some.

AFAICT, it’s exactly like the Turkish Taffy I remember! Texture, shape, flavor, shatterability, tenacity in sticking to your molars. It took me back to my childhood perfectly!

It also forced me to recall that I actually detested Turkish Taffy! Nasty, sticky, with pointy shards that lacerate one’s gums, adding blood to the flavor mix.


I only want those things I can’t have, and that very unavailability seems to generate some sort of euphoric recall about the way things weren’t. :rolleyes:

Here’s a place to get French Chew, if anyone else also wants to relive their past, and discover that the past is truly another country, and a foreign one at that.

You can’t go home again.

I’ve nearly always been at least a tad disappointed when I’ve revisited things I loved as a child.

Kind of like that huge jungle you used to take a shortcut through is actually just a couple of acres of trash trees.

French Chew has the same taste and breakability, but I’ll swear that it feels much less dense than Turkish Taffy. French Chew feels surprisingly light. Turkish Taffy was DENSE.
There was a site saying that Turkish Taffy was coming back on the market, which I noted in an old thread. But the site was already one or two years old when I marked it, and I still haven’t seen it, so I’m not holding my breath. (That was another of your I-miss-old-candy threads, and I brought up French Chew there):

Mmmmm French Chews! They came in both chocolate and vanilla, as I recall.

Strawberry and Banana too. And they still come that way.

You turned me onto the concept that French Chew was like TT.

But perhaps TT just seemed denser because you were a puny youngster back then? :wink:

I still get lost in it, though.