French Fries cause cancer, McDonalds to shut down soon!

I new there was something about french fries. Anything that tastes SO good MUST be SO bad for you.

actually, now that they are using healthier oil for the fries, they don’t taste as good.

Well, that explains everything.


when I use to work there a friend of mine blew a snot rocket into a Mcflury then blended it all up for a customer. customer just ate it no prob

French fries cause cancer? Well hell yeah, we GOTTA shut 'em down!

And let’s hire those guys who did such a great job shutting down the tobacco industry to do it!

No wonder I can’t find cigarettes at corner stores anymore!

Down with mickey D’s!!

Alas, I am not long for this world…

I remember when they once announced on the news that water caused cancer.

Wouldn’t it be funny if they found out that cancer is hereditary in white lab mice?

ah-I heard some comedian say that!

Personally, I heard the “Studies have found that laboratory testing causes cancer in mice” version.