French Intellectuals to be Deployed in Afghanistan

French PsyOps :smiley:

That is cruel! There must be somthing in the UN charter against anyone having to endure a French intellectual!

Are there such things?:confused:

Philosophy is a potent but short-range weapon. On the battlefield, it tends to be drowned out by even small-scale firefights.

Each strategic cafe is a potential Dien Ben Phu (sp?) to the French. They must extend their perimeter. Their despair must be audible beyond rifle range. They need whole battalions like the sound bombing unit the US used to get Noriega. And America can provide support with as many copies as needed of Achey Breaky Heart, already a battlefield proven depressant. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve finally deployed the most dreaded weapon in the French arsenal: the oxymoron. I’d guess the average French strategic oxymoron would yield approximately 50 megajerks, but I think they have a tactical weapon of only about 25 kilosnots.

Damn, beat me to the oxymoron punch. I’ll just file “French Intellectual” away bewtween “Jumbo Shrimp” & “Respectable President” and then move along . . .

DaLovin’ Dj

…ne could make the Taliban insane in a few wordy lectures…can you imagine it! Just having him explain neo-existentialism would instntly render most of them asleep!:slight_smile:

Reminds me of a piece the National Lampoon ran about 20 years ago called, I think, “The Adventures of Jean-Paul Sauvage, philospher detective.” The title character was a Mickey-Spillance type tough-guy detective (and French philospher) who said things like, “Listen Chief, you wouldn’t know the difference between Occam’s razor and a Gillete blue blade,” and who beat bad guys up while rambling on about existence preceding essence.

Anybody got a link?

Make the Taliban insane? Ralphie baby, they are there.

When I was sent this as an email, the title was “Intelectuals Sans Frontieres.” Very clever.

This was just sent to everyone in my philosophy class by the professor.

And of course (you guessed it) someone thought it was real.

Classic. Purely classic. :stuck_out_tongue: