French language metal/hard rock bands

The closest to this I’ve found (of any quality) is a band called Eiffel, which is essentially a hard heavy pop band. I’m looking for francophone bands along the lines of Rammstein, Pearl Jam, NIN, etc. Anyone know of any?

I searched YouTube for “French Heavy Metal” and got (among others) a band called Eths and a pretty cool metal song Crucifere

French grunge - band Witness, song Seul

Having to submit all their lyrics for language purity approval really takes the wind out of them.

I have a bunch of metal from France and yes some of it is in french. I’m at work and posting from my phone but I can link you some when I get home.

Good ones so far, thanks guys. :cool:

Trust “Antisocial”

They’re more in the vein of NWOBHM (NWOFHM?) but you might like 'em.