French painting identification (military)

I am thinking of a French painting, but I can’t find it. I think it’s from the Napoleonic era. I want to say it’s called “Portrait of a Young Lieutenant” but searching for that reveals nothing useful. The portrait is of a young cavalry officer wearing the Napoleonic era uniform with a cuirass (breastplate) and plumed helmet. He is standing next to his horse. The officer is extremely young looking, he looks almost too young to be in the army at all, he is blonde, and very “pretty” looking. Handsome in a very youthful, almost feminine way. The scenery is outdoors. Does this ring a bell?

Is it Lieutenant Charles Legrand, by Antoine-Jean Gros?

Wow, nailed it on the first reply. Thanks!

ETA: OK, is it just me, or are the proportions of that horse totally out of whack? His neck looks way too long and massive. It’s curved at a totally unnatural-looking angle. What is the deal?