French Photography magazine missing

I used to buy a French photography magazine called Vis a Vis. It was printed on glossy paper with high quality reproductions, and each issue had a different theme, and had text in French, Italian and English. It disappeared from the local market, and I never found out if it folded or just wasn’t carried around here anymore.

Are there any other photographers (or francophiles) here who’ve heard of it? Seen it? Know it’s fate?

Found it! Won’t link to it.

photoarts .dot. com /slant/ visavis /slant/

Did a Google search for “Vis a Vis” . Include the quotation marks.

P.S. If you do the Google search first you can select Translate.

Anybody seen my Penthouse lying around?

Oh, sorry Jon. I was sitting on it. Here you go. I did find the link to photoarts. Thanks.

I also tried google and didn’t come up with much, but thanks anyway.