Frequencies (aka OKV: The Manual)

I was wondering if anyone else had watched this film and what they thought of it. Its a recent British movie and one of the most intruiging things I’ve watched for years.

Its one of those movies that is most enjoyable watching with little or no foreknowledge and as such its difficult to describe without giving too much away. The cover and blurb on the DVD gives the impression that its a standard teen/young adult sci-fi/fantasy movie with a fairly obvious message (and there is a little of that) but while it starts off fairly mundanely it ends up going of in very unexpected directions.

The best way I can describe its premise (again trying not to give too much away for those who would like to watch it) is, ‘What if reality functioned in very different way to our own?’

Check it out, I was very pleasantly surprised.

I stumbled across it while flipping through channels a while back, and was intrigued enough to stay with it to the end. You’re right, it is a surprisingly enjoyable (and hard to describe) film. I wouldn’t put it on a list of all-time favorites, but it wasn’t time wasted.

I’ll throw out a little more of a hint for those who haven’t seen it: What if the uncertainty principle was wrong, and the future COULD be mathematically predicted? Or for the Asimov fans, what if Hari Seldon was a present-day teenager?