Frequency of Forgetting

Once a year:
To close the garage door when I leave the house
To put coffee in the coffee maker when attempting to make coffee
That I really need a LOT of flour on the rolling pin to make springerle cookies
Measure twice, cut once
That skinny jeans will never, ever work for me

Once every couple of months:
That I really need to wear gloves while gardening

Once every couple of weeks:
That this quantity of oatmeal in this saucepan at this temperature will boil over

At least weekly:
Where the hell are my keys?
Why did I come into this room?
What day is it?? (I’m retired, so I lose track.)

Every couple of years:
This cookie recipe looks good - I should try it! (I have a wonderful oatmeal cookie recipe, yet I always try new ones that suck!!)

Far too often:
What was it I meant to do? (If I get interrupted, I tend to completely forget what the heck I was thinking about.)