Little things you forget ALL THE TIME

I am a forgetful sort. Sometimes the brain-fart is mindboggling (like the time I briefly forgot how to spell the word “goes”), and sometimes it’s drastic (like the time I forgot I had a whole ten-page paper that was due in about three hours). But then there are things, mostly little things, that I forget to do just about every single time I try to do them.

I often forget to take my BC pill. I’m not talking completely–to date I haven’t skipped one altogether–I just go into the bathroom intending to take it, do something else, then come out again…without having taken the pill :smack:. Most of the time when this happens I just sigh, turn around and head back to the bathroom, but the regularity at which this happens is pretty frustrating.

I also forget that the lights in my bathroom are dimmable. My dad fixed them up this way when replacing the lighting, and I thought “oh, how neat! Now when I have to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I don’t have to blind myself!” Well…I still do. I’ll stumble to the bathroom, flip on the light, shield my eyes, do my business, stumble back, grumbling the whole way about being blinded by the light…and then I’ll think “wait a minute, I don’t have to do that!” I’m getting better about this one (that is, I’ll remember a few seconds after I get into the bathroom as opposed to when I’m back in bed), but it’s still irritating.

So, anyone else do this? Or am I just weird?

I forget which way to turn the key in the lock on my front door.

Probably 25% of the time, I forget to put my cell phone in my purse/pocket when I’m leaving the house. Speaking of phones, when we first got cordless phones, I thought “Great! Now I can just carry one around the house with me all the time, and never have to run to see who’s on the phone again!”

That’s been, oh, five years or so. Do I actually carry one of the cordless phones around with me?:smack:

OTOH (though you didn’t ask), I learned a very valuable lesson from my mother about walking off without my keys: my key ring is on a hook that I always hook on to the zipper tab of my purse. If they’re not in use, they are hooked onto my purse! I may lose a lot of things, but I never lose my keys! :slight_smile:

Buying postage stamps. I always buy at the grocery store, they’re on the list.
Only problems is, by the time I get to the register, the list is in my pocket.

Success rate-1-2 %. :smack:

Every single time I refill the water bowls for the cat I dump the stuff in the bowl down the drain, stick it under the faucet, and turn the faucet on full blast. This causes a ricochet of water that shoots me in the face or boobs every time but do I learn not to do that again? No, of course not. :smack:

I have a similar system with my bus pass and my work badge. If I forgot my bus pass, I wouldn’t be able to get downtown. If I forgot my work badge, I wouldn’t be able to get through the staff entrance and into the break room. By attaching both to the same lanyard, I’ll either remember or forget them both–and to date I’ve not forgotten them.

My cellphone number. I had to make it the banner so I could just glance at it when anyone asked what it was because I could never remember and that was very embarrassing. I would pretend I had just switched to a new phone number to at least save some face.

I’ve had the same number for… 4 years or so now and I still could not tell you even the first 3 numbers without looking.

When I stop in a drive-through to buy coffee, I tend to just toss my wallet onto the passenger seat next to me, rather than wedging it back into my pants pocket while seated.

I cannot tell you how many times this has led to my going into a store to buy something and then realizing, crap, my wallet is still on the passenger seat of the car. :smack: Way too many times. Way, way, way too many times.

It would probably be quicker if I just wrote down a list of the little things that I DON’T forget all the time.

Well, I don’t forget this all the time, but today I forgot something that I do all the time. I’m a caterer and one of the first things that I do in the morning is turn on the oven to the same temperature every day. Today I couldn’t remember what that temperature was. :smack: (350F)

If I need to describe somethings compass position, North and South come to mind instantly, but if it’s East or West I have to think for half a second to be sure.

There are a couple of things, but I can’t think of them right now.

I cannot remember which comes first: September or November. They just sound the same to me. I always have to recite the months to get it right. So stupid–they sound no more alike than any of the other months ending in “ber”.

Also, I’m just terrible at remembering to bring things with me when I leave the house. If I need to take something to the post office, I’ll forget it several times before it actually makes it into the car with me.

I keep a post-it pad in the kitchen, to write down food & stuff I need to buy. Half the time I forget to take it with me when I go shopping.

Horizontal and vertical. There is always a split-second when I have to think “horizontal - that’s the one like the horizon, back and forth instead of up and down”…Buying postage stamps at the service desk at the grocery store. If I don’t buy them before I start shopping, I’ll forget as I’m pushing the cart out to my car.

I always forget my reusable grocery store bags. I’ve had them for almost a year now. Used them twice.

This is why I don’t buy the reusable ones. It isn’t a way to save money on bag deposits, it is a forgetfulnes fee! :stuck_out_tongue:

Names. But in my case its genetic. My Dad was so bad that he would forget my name. You could see him start to say something and draw that blank. There would be this moment of “OK - I got two sons. I got half a shot at being right. Now what are those names and which one is his and -------”

Usually at that point he would pull the trump card “Son -------- would you run down the basement and ----”

One thing that helps me tremendously with this is a new shopping website I’ve discovered: They don’t sell many grocery items (snack food/granola bar types stuff mostly), but they sell a lot of other things I buy: paper towels, Kleenex, cat food, razor cartridges, Prilosec, the list goes on. Their prices are competitive with the local stores, and unlike services like PeaPod, will ship anywhere in the lower 48 by UPS for free.

I just about always have an “Alice” tab open on my computer; when I notice I’m running low on something they sell, I add it to my “current order”; when I have six items (their minimum), I place an order. Easy-peasy!

PS: I swear I’m not getting paid to shill for them. Since I discovered them, though, I’ve been a fan!

iPhones and iPod touches have a notepad app that is great for keeping shopping lists and you generally always have them with you. I use mine for that all the time and rarely forget to write down or pick up things I need from the grocery store.