"Fresh!" And "Fast Asleep"

Here I mean fresh to mean “you got a lot of nerve”, usually followed by a slap in the face.

I agree that the word may originate from the German word “frech” meaning the same thing.

However the German for “fresh” describing the opposite of “stale”, is “frisch”.

The phrase “fast asleep”, in my opinion does not relate to speed, but the “deepness” of the sleep.

“Fast” originating from the German word “fest”, meaning a sound sleep.

Can you think of other words the English language has “borrowed” from other languages which don’t necessarily mean the same thing?

I hope I have expressed all of this correctly, my sentence structuring fails me sometimes.



More simply, “fast” means “still”/“unmoving.”

Still, unmoving or secured, as in ‘stuck fast’, ‘make fast that line’, and ‘fasten it’.