Freshwater Aquarium Algae

I am hoping that someone can help me understand what is causing a heavy amount of brown aglae from growing in my tank. This is an established tank with a bio-filter and undergravel filter. I have attempted to empty, clean, and start fresh, and I have replaced the bio-wheels.

Just a guess…It may be the incadescent tank light…do you leave it on? Even a UV sterilizer can not prohibit algae growth in a tank with a light bulb shining over ther water

You might want to try some freshwater bacteria (usu. 1-2 dollars) to jump start your tank again. Also you can try a different brand of food, and feed less. I had a similar problem, it was the food that was making the algae bloom (and probably too much of it). Also, do a partial water change often, and make sure your tank is not overloaded. The UV will destroy the symptoms of the problem your tank is experiencing, but it will not eliminate the problem, and will get rid of all good bacteria as well as the algae. It will make the water crystal clear, but I think it is not worth the cost. Also, just my opinion, bio wheels do little to nothing. I used to have them on two of my tanks, but they really didn’t seem to have any effect.

Get test kits for nitrate and phosphate, and check your aquarium water. You problems are almost certainly not due to lack of nitrifying bactera, so adding bacteria or cleaning your filter isn’t going to help. If you aren’t already, change about a quarter of your water every week.