Freudian Slip?

I have wondered for a while now. Is there really such a thing as a Freudian slip? I mean, when people say something that seems to show their hidden intent, is that really subconsciously done? Or is it just coincidence?

I put this in General Questions, because I am assuming psychology is a science now, not just an art. And there is a way of knowing now.


I say no. It’s just a coincidentally funny arraignment of words. No hidden intent.

Some videos I’ve seen of people with verbal Tourette’s it seems like they can blurt out their actual thoughts though I don’t know if it’s necessarily always their thoughts on a conscious level.

I think it’s just a case of the listener mis-interpreting the speaker’s penis - I mean intent, Mother! I’m all right!

You be the judge
As to whether or not Freud’s theories shed any light on the phenomenon or not, I cannot say.

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Here’s a pretty good article on the topic. Short answer: we’re not sure. There are some intriguing experiments suggesting that some Freudian slips are connected to repressed thoughts, but other linguistic evidence that a lot of Freudian slips are connected to how the brain produces verbal language out of phonemes.

Well, there’s the Ironic Process Theory. Try not to think of something and that is a all you can think about. In stream of conscious speaking, subjects are more likely than not to mention a word or subject they are consciously trying to supresss.