Fricking Car Problems

News Flash!

Man buys 11 year old sports car and admitedly “drives agressively” with it on “under maintained” roads and fails to inspect it regularly for wear and tear.
Car develops problems.
Man immediately calls foul claiming 11 year old car was expensive, should be built better, and should not require him to maintain it.

As far as the radiator goes, have you tried “Bar’s Leaks”? I had a 15 (yes, 15) year-old Escort back in '99, and it had a radiator designed by the Swiss (holey). Bar’s Leaks usually lasted for about an oil change or so.

But…I tried to maintain the car. If you’re not putting effort into the Mirage, then it’s going to crap out on you.

So, enough veiled hints…in which country do they drive like crazies?


My car is 14 years old and going strong. I’ve maintained it well for the … long time I’ve had it. The first owner did, too, I think (I have all the maintenance records for the car).

AtomAnt does have a point - cars could be built much better than they are, but they aren’t, for a variety of reasons, and that’s the world we live in. Driving a car means allowing a budget for repairs and maintenance every year.

Now, if we were to discuss making bumpers that can’t EVER touch ANYthing…

Used Mitsu’s are especially cheap because nobody wants to buy them. And people don’t wanna buy them because they’re prone to failure - many of which are extremely expensive.

I’m speaking from experience here. I was the third owner of a 1987 Chrysler Conquest TSi which was made by Mitsu in Japan and imported. (The Mitsu badged version was called the Starion.) Had not one, but two, cylinder heads crack (@ ~2k per); two turbocharger replacements (@ ~1.5k per), leaky power steering pump, blown master brake cylinder, one new radiator, and a whole assortment of various and minor other failures. All in a brief span of about 4 years between 40,000 and 100,000 miles.

This right here is why this is happening to you. It isn’t that you have an old car. Nope.

It’s because the gods are angry with you for not taking the time to type two whole extra letters for “YOU.”

Fucking stop this. It wasn’t cool when Prince did it, and it certainly isn’t cool when you do it.

For the rest of you, sorry 'bout the hijack. I just can’t take this anymore.

It was kind of cool when Prince did it.

Who the fuck is prince? :frowning: I didnt think “U” made a such a difference to life , that gods are angry for that…no wonder they dont have time to looking in to war, starvation and general misery of humans/animals because they spend their time looking at fucking spelling on internet…jeez…

Now am sort of new to this board as you can obviously see…This Boo Boo Foo dude is some admin? he is reducing my rant from 1 to -1 …Oh My god…!! :smiley: Actually are we suppose to post only unique problems?? Thats gonna be a one heck of a challenge

nothing fancy…just a small island off india shaped like a pearl…

Just a general note as we are fighting ignorance here…most of the developing countries doesnt have a thriving car manufacturing industries… What we do is import vehicles from countries such as Japan, South Korea etc… There are two types we bring in

  1. Used in other countries for 3-5 years and re-conditioned
  2. Brand new

brand new is only for the richest of rich , because income of a average person hovers around 1000 US $ per year. Hence most people have to buy used and reconditioned vehicles. In that context using 11 year old car is not bad.

I have no excuses nor do I want sympathy…but I would fucking appreciate if the manufacturers build this goddamned steel machines to be much more reliable…

you dont fucking say…I’ll keep that in my mind :smiley:

So what’s your real complaint here? The fact that you bought an 11 year old car that’s on the verge of becoming a shit heap? Or the fact that you can afford to be on the internet but don’t have the inclination to move to another country with a higher GDP per capita? You can’t have it both ways here. Millions of people before you have emigrated to other countries to improve their lot in life. Or have started a business, or have become a white collar professional. Do something… anything… but stop making excuses for staying where you are in life. That’s nobody’s choice but yours.

Here’s my classic car… a 1966 Mustang Fastback - her name is Gloria

There’s absolutely NOTHING that you can tell me about keeping a classic car on the road that I don’t already know. Repeat after me - you get what you pay for. As I said, if you can afford to be surfing the net, then you can afford to do the research necessary to improve your lot in life. The choice is yours. Stay where you are, or set about improving your lot. But don’t complain about your choices.

My personal view. I have owned several brand new cars the past 20 years. I buy them new, do the routine maintenance, especially oil changes, and in 4 years when the car is paid for I trade it in on a brand new one. I pay a monthly payment, but have had no repair bills that entire time. Never had a dead battery on a cold winter morning. Total car expense is my payment, gas, oil, tires. I am happy.

You buy brand new cars and trade them in after immediately paying them off?
Wouldn’t you be happier and save more money leasing?

Ok. I’ll give you that. :smiley: But AtomAnt ain’t Prince.

It doesn’t matter who the fuck Prince is. What does matter is that this lazy ass habit of writing that people like you keep perpetuating is contributing to the degradation of world society. Mistakes, I have no problem with. They can be easily corrected. Typos, it happens all the time, no big deal. But when you make excuses for behaving like a deliberate jack ass, that’s where I draw the line.

I also don’t take issue with the fact that English does not seem to be your first language. I think it’s cool if you speak it as an alternate and that you can also write it. If you picked up this habit by accident from reading the internet, I’m here to tell you that if you want to be taken seriously, knock it off. Come to think of it, you complain about the economic class to which you’re assigned, I guarantee that if you improved your writing skills, that would also improve.

This is the pit. As for the car, you only get to rant with impunity if you are raging against something for which you could not possibly have any control, and even then, not really. You’ll get some sympathy, but mostly, you’ll get a lot of responses ranging from, “Get the fuck over it, it’s your own damn fault,” to, “You could do X,Y,Z to fix it, why don’t you do something?” If you want, take out the swearing and put it in MPSIMS, and you might get a gentler audience.

On second thought, go read the forum rules if you have a problem with the responses you got here. These people have made good points about how to fix the situation with the car, how not to make that mistake again, etc. Don’t bitch at them for not coddling you.

I know loads of people who drive 11 year old Japanese and Korean cars, yet they do not live in daily fear of their car disintegrating around them. I myself drive an 11 year old Mazda 626, and feel no hesitation about taking it on a 10 hour cross-country drive from time to time. My mechanic feels sure it will go another 3-4 years at its current level of use, with basic maintence. My previous car, a Nissan, I drove until it died of a catastrophic failure at age 13 (nothing that could have been checked or maintained).

Shoot, I dream of owning a 4 or 5 year old used Honda. That sounds pretty sweet!

I just want to say that I hope the the OPs screen name isn’t a play on Adam Ant, because if it is, this thread should have been called Car Trouble.

No, it’s this atom ant.

Not “Sally”? :smiley:

To the OP: I just bought a 10-year-old sedan a few days ago and it’s in the shop to track down a minor problem so I can sympathize–to a point. You did buy a second-hand sports car that has been driven on under-maintained roads. Haven’t you heard about the guy who spent his life-savings on a Ferarri only to have it totalled by a pothole?

Slight hijack, but that is a fucking great car.

Latest on the car problem…after spending about 5 hours with a mechanic managed to find and fix the problem. The problem was with a “Water Jacket”. There are 4 of them and 2 of them got small holes due to decay…Yesterday was the first time I’ve heard of them. Total cost of the repair including custom making these water jackets as company doesnt bring down such mundane little items …14 = 4 for water jackets + 10 $ for mechanic…(Converted from the local currency)

Total time wasted trying to remove the and put this god forsaken little metallic thing that shouldnt have been corrupted = 5 hours

Need I say more!

I know a good advice when I see one…Yes . I actually make an effort to keep this “U” out when doing official business :smiley: How the hell did you know that my first language isnt English? Damnnn it…Do I have to watch more sitcoms and read more paperbacks to make sure that my english pass through this watchful eyes of language keepers?

Fair enough. But I aint gonna make a drastic decision like migrating to AU because of a car problem. I ve been there couple of times and most of my friends (just out of Uni or still uni) uses old old cars. I hear them complaining a lot about their old falcons etc. When they buy these cars with all their saved money all they expect is a mode of transport which wont fail them in middle of a highway. They dont want to impress anybody with their car restoration nor wth their technical capabilities. They simply wanted them to work ! it might be unfair but thats the way it is when your starting life !!

Hmm (quotes not necessarily in order)…

“Corossion” would be more apropriate then “decay.”

“Corroded” would be more apropriate then “corrupted.”

the water jackets” not “these water jackets” and “as the company doesn**’** stock such mundane little items”

Drop the “a” and change the “one” to “it”: “I know good advice when I see it.”

“use” not “uses”.

“want” not “wanted”–you mix present and past tense throughout the paragraph this is in.

You’re not good enough to pass for a native speaker, but we’ve seen MUCH worse here. :slight_smile:

Expectations aren’t always met.
What you want doesn’t necessarily come to fruition.
Repairs may exceed you available cash.
Prince likely has more money than you.
Good spelling and grammar is free.

Gaudere’s law strikes again! :wink:

(Yes, there were errors in my last post too–but I don’t consider the law applicable as I was offering helpful advice and not criticizing him.)