Friday Night Tykes

Anyone watching this? Call it gender bias but my heart breaks for these kids a thousand times over whereas I could care less for anyone on Toddlers in Tiaras or Dance Moms.

The coach of the Jr. Broncos is a despicable human being and frankly I can’t believe that he’ll be allowed to coach again after these episodes airing.

Craziness aside, I’m actually inspired to look into youth football coaching. The “fundamentals” edited or not, is horrible. The “coaches” seem to be preaching aggression rather than technique. This is figuratively a trainwreck I can’t take my eyes off of.

I’m glad someone started this thread. I’ve actually been working for the Esquire Network, and am curious as well about people’s reaction to the show. I didn’t work on the creation of Friday Night Tykes, but I’ve spent the past two months editing promos and assorted other material for it, so I’m intimately familiar with the content.

Yes, much of it is horrifying. Some of these coaches and parents are awful, and it definitely comes across as borderline child abuse. And yes, the coach of the Broncos is particularly scary. In putting together some of the material, I’ve discovered he used to be a platoon sgt. with the Marines. It doesn’t seem like it’s dawned on him that he’s no longer dealing with U.S. Marines.

Keep an eye on the Predators. They weren’t featured much in the first two episodes, but you’ll see more of them in episode 3. The coach of that team seems like a genuinely nice, caring guy who wants to teach the fundamentals in addition to winning. I do wish they focused on him and his team more (and maybe they will as the season goes along; I’ve only seen the first 4 episodes so far), but I understand that a nice, non-yelling coach doesn’t bring much in the way of drama.

Just an update more for Anamorphic than anything else since it appears that I am indeed in the extreme minority watching this show…

I have actually come around on most of the coaches on this show. They all want to win but as the season goes on you can see that they care about the kids too. Well, all except that prick from the Jr. Broncos who has since been fired after this show aired. The league was going to wait for the season to end before reserving judgment but that guy is just too much. Best of all, with the exception of the ex-Sgt, the coaches do seem to be teaching fundamentals even if they are a little too aggressive, and curse a little too much for someone dealing with 9 year olds.

The Predators coach and his “normalness” does shine through despite his limited screen time. Episode 3 really highlights it. It probably helps that he’s one of the few HC’s whose kid is on the team.