Fridge doors

Why is it that every fridge freezer I have ever seen has a broken inner door. Is this the same for everyone else?

I have used the freezer of many many different houses in my life and all of them, as far as I can remember, have an inner door that is broken and usually falls off if you open the main door.

I have no idea what you are talking about. I have a fridge (Sub Zero) that is 20 years old. Just had to replace the compressor. Everything else is in good shape.

Well I have never seen your fridge so I guess it would not fall under that group refered to as “every fridge freezer I have ever seen”

Joking. I guess it’s only British fridges and ones with several flimsy plastic compartment doors. I completely forgot when I posted this that all Americans have huge electricity guzzling two-door walk-in fridges.

Well, my fridge has some flimsy plastic compartment doors, but they stay put most of the time.


I think you are referring to the freezer compartment inner door on a one door refrigerator? I to have noticed that most of them are broken. They are broken because people are lazy! Now there’s a big surprise. The style of refrigerator that has an inner freezer door does not have a frost free freezer compartment. So, unless one defrosts the freezer once a month, then the ice builds up and up and the flimsy plastic freezer door doesn’t close all the way and then the big outer door smashes it against the hard ice and it (surprise) breaks.

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