Fridge without humidity controlled drawers. What to do?

(This doesn’t seem like there’s a specific factual answer, hence its posting in IMHO)

So I moved into a new apartment recently. I love it for the most part, but the fridge it came with isn’t full sized. As such, it doesn’t have humidity controlled drawers (there is a drawer, but it’s not even sealed with respect to the rest of the fridge). Veggies that I keep in the drawer eventually wind up swimming in condensation, which can’t be a good thing. I’m used to being able to toss them into the crispers and more or less ignore them until I ate them or they got mushy.

Is there anything I can do to make sure that my veggies hold up well in the fridge?

We call our crisper the “rotter” because they really don’t do a thing for your veggies. I just keep mine in the regular part of the fridge. If you’re very concerned, Tupperware makes containers that have two little valve things on them, and you open one or both in accordance with what kind of vegetable you have.

Hmm… those look pretty handy, Zsofia. Now to figure out if they’ll fit in my fridge. grumble stupid small fridge grumble

I’ve also seen a special kind of re-useable plastic bag designed to keep your veggies fresh. I kept washed, spun dry salad mix in them for a while and they worked great.

Can you take the drawer out? It’s not doing you any good, why not take the drawer out and stack those little containers in its place?

You can buy a little plastic thing to put in your fridge to keep vegtables fresher. IIRC, they have some silica gel to absorb moisture and something else to absorb ethylene gas. You have to replace them after a while though once the chemicals become saturated.

Hrmm… I haven’t heard of these before. Do you know what they’re called/where I might get them?