friedo's Prime Number Post Count Party

Well, 1400 would have been interesting, but not that interesting, and 2000 is certainly way too far off. So, this is my 1399th post party, and, for kicks, 1399 is a neato prime number. Incidentally, so is 1499.

The bar is free, and there is enough beer and tequilla for everyone.

Co-ed nekkid twister tournament will begin immediately in the back room.

Co-ed nekkid post-count orgy will begin at 21:00 in the back back room.


(oh, and don’t forget to bring presents!)

Where and when?

Good for you. :smiley:

Wow, this sucks. How come no one ever comes to my parties? I’m having flashbacks of eighth grade now. :frowning:

Whatever. More beer for me.