Friends & Contacts

I recently decided to invite someone to be my “Friend” and I read the FAQ about “Friends & Contacts”.

I had always assumed that having a list of friends would enable you to send a PM to all of them at once instead of sending the same message to each of them - one at a time.

But I can’t see anywhere in the FAQ just what it is that having some Contacts and/or some Friends enables you to do with each other - above what you can do if they weren’t your contacts or friends.

Can anyone tell me where I can find a description of just what capabilities are associated with your Friends or Contacts? What can you do with them?

Am I correct about being able to send a PM to the entire list of Friends at a single time?

Or is this feature purely cosmetic? Is it just some way of announcing to the world that you and X are friends?

If there is a way to send something to all of your friends at once, I’m not aware of it.

Friends and contacts are mostly used by your profile privacy options. If you go to your user control panel (UserCP on the upper left) and then select Profile Privacy, you’ll see different things like Contact Info, Profile Picture, etc. For each of these, you can let everyone see them or only friends or contacts or however you want to set them up.

Thanks very much.

I have a lot of friends on here, because I’ll usually friend anyone whose posts or topics I usually like reading or who I find I usually agree with regarding the things they post.

Anyway, a way you can use it (and, I think, the whole reason behind having friends added in the first place) is by going up to “Quick Links” at the top and choosing “Open Contacts Popup” on the drop down list. This will open a new window showing you what friends are online right now (although it won’t show any who have their status set to “invisible”). I have so many friends added that the list is always filled up with at least ten posters, but in the daytime, it can be 30 or 40…so if I ever wonder if a poster I enjoy is online, I will take a quick look at that list to check.

OP; I could add you on as a friend, with the understanding that there would be a six month lag before benefits kick in.

Ummm … before you do that … could you send me a picture of yourself in a PM?

Just joking.


Or, even better, out of a PM.

I am the King of SDMB Friends.