Friends in High Places

In this article,, the Pope says God asked him to keep being the Pope.

Heh. What has God asked YOU to do lately?

Hey, you don’t suppose God made a mistake and had really meant to contact Cecil so he could tell him to keep doing the “Dope”, do you?

Nah, I didn’t think so, either.

Not much, all the other voices in my head must be drowning His out.

She asked me to do the washing up.
I refused.
She cut off my marriage privileges.
I caved in.
I did the washing up.
Now I’m off too bed. :slight_smile:


I thought only Joan of Ark heard voices Zenster ??

Hold on let me ask God …ah…he is sounding a litle like Barry Manilow right now. He is somewhere in New Englad…got taken away…looking for Lola cause she is a showgirl…

I was only partly awake, but I think he said I should call in a pledge to my public radio station. He was really persistent, and talking in three different voices.

To tell the pope that he’s been hearing voices.

To think for myself.

Waste time on the SDMB… wait, or was that my concience?

To tell you guys to get out more

God said that if I welcomed BellaDellaItalia to SDMB that I would get baked ziti in the mail.

Welcome, Bella. I’ve been waiting for two months for you to show up.