Friends, Rennies, SCAdians - lend me your squees...

Yes, shameless bragging here. We took our daughter to her first Ren Faire yesterday, and she was just friggin’ adorable. I Must Share Mundane and Pointless pictures.

We are not amused. Yes, I made her dress. No, it’s not completely authentic. I was doing that juggling thing between vaguely period vs. light and cool enough for a modern toddler to wear on a hot summer day vs. looks cute, not imposing.

After a few hundred yards, we realized that while a toddler might toddle well in a long skirt and farthingale at home on wooden floors, walking on uneven packed earth was a whole 'nother story. So a bit more authenticity flew out the window and I pinned the front of the skirt up, , along with the bottom ring of the farthingale. I’m glad she wore her matching Robeez shoes!

We got the hat there. I was hoping for a higher class hat, but nobody makes itty bitty hats, it seems. Still, the muffin cap looks quite adorable and not entirely inappropriate when pushed back. Of course, it was still huge on her and kept slipping forward, but she was a trooper. Surprisingly, she was still relatively agile and even caught the eye of a passing pirate!

Feel free to browse through the album for additional cuteness. :smiley:

Most of the pictures I was like “Meh. Cute but it’s a kid.”

That last picture, though? Pricless.

Damnit woman!

How old is your daughter now and is the dress for sale once she outgrows it? That is adorable!

Too cute! Thanks.

Very cute! I meant to make some outfits for my boys this summer, but just ran out of summer. That’s OK; I can rent clothes for them, and the older one will undoubtedly be too cool for that soon anyway.

I’ve read descriptions from writers who are otherwise very realistic so I assume this is correct as well, from about 1950, of a male toddler “still in skirts and with the back of the skirts pinned up so he could just squat and let go any time he needed to.” So the non-period part is the one where if you did that with your little girl you’d be likely to get yelled at or worse for abuse :stuck_out_tongue:

(One of Guareschi’s Mondo Piccolo stories, if anybody cares)