Fringe 10/14/2008

X-files did it!

Anyway, pretty good episode so far. I’m really liking the overall vibe of the show more and more each week.

If the X-files episode is any indication, watch the minor characters; they might become big stars. The X-files episode guest starred Giovani Ribisi and Jack Black.

Someone dear to me called DURING THE SHOW, so I missed quite a bit of the dialogue. I enjoyed what I saw.

I like this show.

A pretty good episode, even if it felt more like an X-Files episode than any of the previous ones. I liked the brief glimpse of Bald Observer Guy getting off the elevator at the beginning. Also, I’m very glad that John is basically all in Olivia’s head. I don’t like ghost stories.

The pigeon-zapping machine was fun, as was Walter deliberately giving Peter a static shock. When he was shuffling back and forth like that, I thought he had to go to the bathroom.

I liked it perhaps because of this.
-I liked the whole John is in my head thing, and even though it gets old that every episode is about something he worked on at some time, I looooved the Walter moments, especially during his more domestic episodes:

  1. “Tell Olivia to come home I know how to find him.”(Referring to the Harvard lab.)
  2. Concern over his son’s health.
  3. Follow-up on his mental state, and how hard it is for him not to be able to access all of his brain-data.
  4. On Astrid’s name: “It starts with an A…”
  5. Pigeon-whisperer.
    6… Home pasteurizing.

-I find that I like Josh Jackson more the crappier he looks and the less I see him. Keep this up, and I may cross into 'shipperdom, because I can’t help but think of John as Jack from Another World.

-Another Massive Dynamic-free ep! Hooray!

Best one yet for me so far. My favorite series are always the ones that are character-driven, and I’m happy to see Olivia branching out some emotionally, a vulnerable Peter, a Walter who can be both infantile and wise, sane and insane, and even token minority Astrid having a chance at a smart-aleck quip at Walter’s expense.

I’m glad they left Massive Dynamic out of the storyline, because the show becomes just like Lost if it’s at the heart of everything. And I’m not interested in getting roped into something like that again.

I also liked this ep. very glad there was not much Massive Dynamic stuff. Felt sorry for the poor guy who had been used as a guinea pig.

I’m amazed that John Noble has been able to keep up the Walter schtick for this long, keeping it it fresh. Don’t know how he does it

I enjoyed it too. But it wouldn’t be a proper thread without a nit being picked:

The Electro-guy carrying a cassette player. In the year 2008. I know they still exist, and it is plausible that some people still use them and that a CD player would have fucked up the use of magnetism. But why not a hard drive based MP3 player? Much more plausile and still fits the plot.

I feel better now. And again, I liked this episode. Mainly because they toned down Peter shitting all over his dad’s ideas.

The funniest thing about that scene was that he was shuffling for so long, and Peter and Olivia just glanced at him and kept on talking. Like it was just a typical Walter thing to do.

I continue to love this show, and especially Walter.

I really enjoyed that part too. Especially because you just knew Walter was gonna shock somebody about 10 seconds into the scene. Even better, he starts shuffling again right before the scene ends…

That bugged me too. I wanked it away saying that he was very poor, and probably bought it for $5 at Goodwill or something.

Not to harp on this too much, because it was minor…but…

Where the hell did he find cassettes? It’d be much easier to get a 5 dollar CD player and buy CDs off the 99 cent rack then to try and locate tapes.

Maybe he got the cassettes from his old station wagon?

I was actually less concerned about the cassette player, and more concerned about the fact that he was listening to REO Speedwagon :wink:

Pistols at dawn.