Fringe 3/18

I’m loving this episode so far. Anna Torv is amazing.

You almost scared me. You must be on the east coast. It won’t be on for me for about two and a half more hours.

Oh, well then no spoilers from me; but I am looking forward other peoples’ thoughts.

Yeah, that glasses guy is one of the Fringe agents from the other side, right? Mr. “face was badly burned but got better” guy?

Loving this episode, but didn’t X-files do this story very close? That immortal guy who took pictures of people right when they would die.

Please tell me this show will be renewed for another year.

I never watched X-files. It was on during a period I didn’t watch TV. (now I watch too much).
and yeah I really really hope this show will be renewed.

You should check X-files out sometime. I love, love, love Fringe, but X-files is basically its equal.

The stand-alone episodes, I mean. The arc-storyline of X-files is pointless. Watch the stand-alone episodes, only. :slight_smile:

one thing I did not like about this episode is Bell saying he like all scientists is trying to find meaning in everything, or reasons for everything. No, science is about finding out about how things work, not why. Religion finds meaning not science. (I have a problem with script writers who don’t know what science is, even in a very fictional show such as this).

I agree completely. It was really weird. I have no idea how that got through the writing process and ended up in the episode.

I wonder how hard it was for the writers to not have William Bell/Olivia, at some point say, “Fascinating.”

I just rewatched that scene. He doesn’t say that’s what science is for, he just say that’s what he personally believes.

I had more fun seeing Walter and Bell working together than I did see Torv play Bell. I hope he sticks around, even if he’s inside a cow. Also, I loved Lincoln’s introduction to Fringe division. Kinda forget how weird Fringe is sometimes.

And speaking of Lee, we need a nickname to separate the two. Parallee?

Am I the only one who saw the fall into the taxi at the beginning with the shocked onlookers and thought “The fall was totally survivable!”? It couldn’t have been more than 5-8 storeys high, and she had a cushion, after all…

I don’t know about the height of the drop, but I also thought that since she landed on him there was a good chance of her surviving; Super-magnified or not.

Also, Anna did an excellent job of pretending to be possessed. When Olivia slightly resurfaced I got sucked into the moment and it almost like it was real. Although I found it, and Walter’s “…more complicated than I thought.” to be cliché. But other than that I thought it was pretty good.

So I guess they’ll keep the character of Bell even though Nimoy doesn’t want to play him any more.

Yeah, that one was called “Tithonus.” I think that one might have worked a little better, at least for me, because the person trying to die had had decades to become weary of living, weary of being stuck while friends and loved ones move on to whatever might be out there in death. Tonight’s afflicted character hadn’t been in her condition all that long.

Yeah, the X-files one was better.

So, who thinks “glasses guy” is going to somehow end up brain dead and become William Bell?

I thought he’d be caught in the bomb blast and they’d put Bell in him at the end of this episode.

One thing that didn’t ring true was Bell suggesting he be put in the cow. With all the human beings around, putting him in an animal, with whom it would be difficult to communicate, didn’t make any sense. Even on this show, a talking cow would be a little much. Maybe he was supposed to be joking. If so, Anna Torv didn’t convey that very well in an otherwise wonderful performance. Or maybe he meant it as a temporary measure until they could figure something out. Which wouldn’t be too long as Walter can usually figure out just about anything in less than a minute.

Yeah, I thought “glasses guy” would be Bell by the end of the episode.

I think Bell was serious about being stored in the cow. I don’t think he’d communicate with(or through) the cow, but be stored there until they can transfer him again.

Lincoln Lee is dorkaliscious! I was severely confused though. I thought our Lincoln was one of the Cortexiphan Superfriends that helped Olivia get to the other side. I had to go look it up - although the actors look similar, they are different actors and characters. Which makes me happy, because I love our Lincoln. I hope he joins the team.

It was fun to see the Caprica actress again.

That’s an extremely overly pedantic definition of “meaning”. And also a big false dichotomy with regards to the roles of science and religion. Religion has certainly not shyed away from trying to be the go to source for everything including what science is much better suited for. Science is perfectly suited for exploring meaningful questions beyond merely the dry mechanics of things.

In the other universe they just call him by one name. It seemed like in this episode they liked using both names. And “Lincoln Lee” is such a dorkaliscious Brenda Starr sort of name that I think we should just use his full name for our side.

I was surprised they didn’t resolve that plot thread this episode. The obvious candidates were Lincoln and MOTW. But I hope not. I like Lincoln Lee just the way he is. Did anyone else think that when Bellivia made Peter tea, that he was going to try and take over his body to force Peter into the machine?

Yeah, when he said he had made tea, I thought that.

And as soon as Peter said something about not going into the machine, I knew he was SO going into the machine, probably at the season (series?) finale.