Fringe March 11 2011 "Os"

Jorge Garcia! Nice to see him in it.

It wasn’t a bad episode. I loved the opening of Walter and the security guard getting high together. And they obviously chose Oliva housing William’s soul for the comedy aspects of Anna doing a Leonard impersonation. Also, this will be the second time that Oliva has been possessed.

I thought the ‘solution’ was interesting - the guy didn’t really succeed, he just stumbled on an anomaly caused by the fractures.

I’m glad Peter finally came clean to Olivia. He really should have already.

The “are you Belly? No Walter it’s still me” scene was still hilarious, even though it was spoiled by the trailers.

It was fun to see the captain of the Enterprise with a silly mustache.

I’m not sure how I feel about the Bell possession. But the Leonard Nemoy impression is surprisingly good. OTOH, it’s incorrectly good. It does sound like currently existing Leonard Nemoy, but she also included the wavering “I’m an old man now” component. If he actually possessed a younger body I don’t think he’d incorporate those ‘old man’ elements which are physically induced rather than habitual. (Hardware, not software).

I know, very odd nitpick, but that’s what stood out to me.

It was nice to see Hurley. Although slightly surprising, I know he’s already on a new series in production. But yeah, Walter is a very ‘cool’ boss.

I’m very looking forward to the (mild spoiler)

Astrid centric episode. (Everyone else is incapacitated somehow and she is alone in needing to save the day.) Hopefully she’ll not just be action-centric but we’ll also get some character development. I did enjoy her “I went to Quantico for this?” comment this episode.

I thought this was an awesome episode. It had the right mix of ‘scientific oddity of the week’ and overarching plot to be cohesive with the rest of the series, but also to stand on its own. I liked that they didn’t technobabble an explanation in the end, as well – when you get right down to it, those explanations are always just wallpaper hiding the cracks in the logic, anyway; it fits with the overall developments to just leave some of them exposed.

Also, damn, I can’t for the life of me remember when the last time was that a character in any series had something he really, desperately needed to come clean about to their significant other (or to whomever), and just went ahead and did it! It’s become such an overused, cheap way to lead to conflict sometime down the road, and often so needlessly (who hasn’t been frustrated by plots whose whole raison d’etre is people never goddamned talking to one another!), that it’s a nice touch to see the writers consciously evading it.

Of course, the opening of Walter toking up with the security guy was just hilarious. Though I’m always a little astonished (but not in a bad way) as to how open they are on the show regarding Walter’s drug use.

The end, Bell being summoned by the bell, was a bit corny, and that whole ‘soul magnet’ deal didn’t seem very elegant to me – but overall, I like this development, it’ll be interesting to see the input Bell can bring to the group (though I’m not sure he’ll stick around for too long; two-people-in-one-body hijinks tend to get tiring, so perhaps he’ll just be used to point out some new direction, after which it’s bye-bye again).

I’ve read that Leonard Nimoy will be making one more appearance so it will be interesting to see how that works out.

In our house, he is forever called “Cameron”, even though we’ve seem him in tons of movies.

Where did you read that? That’s great news.

Oh, and I’m disappointed Jorge Garcia was only in that one scene.

I’m guess Bellivia will only be around for one episode before going away again.

Was anyone else expecting/hoping that Bell would show up in Hurley’s body?

Would have been awesome.

Which actor are you two talking about?

I can’t remember where I originally saw it, so I Googled it and found this

Alan Ruck, who played the father/scientist. He’s best known to many as Cameron from Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, though he also played the captain of Enterprise-B in Star Trek: Generations and Stuart on Spin City.

This show is just fantastic. It always leaves me suffering to wait a week for the next episode.

I didn’t recognize him. Actually, I didn’t recognize him on Spin City until I read something about it, probably here. And I didn’t recognize him in Generations either.

Anyway, I really like the show too. I tend to lose interest in shows easily, but this one has kept my interest for the past Googling four years? Damn.

Poor Peter. Talk about getting cock-blocked…

Poor Olivia-if it isn’t one thing stealing her identity, it’s another…

:confused: He’s slept with both Olivias. How’s he getting cock-blocked?

I think I can live without Bellivia, but (preview spoiler)Agent Nerd Lincoln? Awesome!


The whole time during that preview all I could think was “That guy looks familiar, where have I seen that actor before?”

There’s an old man possessing his girlfriend’s body. Or maybe you’re into that? :smiley:

Argh, why couldn’t they have used a pretend museum name to go along with the pretend museum? The only Museum of Science within short driving distance from Fringe HQ doesn’t look remotely like that. There have been multiple astronauts from MA, so why not “[insert name] Museum of Astronomy”?

I liked the episode a lot other than that (and their playing with the periodic table)…right up until poor Olivia got body-snatched. Hasn’t the poor girl been through enough this season?!

Oh, I see what you’re saying. At least it’s temporary.

And fortunately the reveal was not at an in-opportune moment.