Fringe March 11 2011 "Os"

I am concerned about the show’s irresponsibility. I mean, how many children are going to get hurt injecting themselves with osmium-lutetium mixtures all because some weird television show convinced them that they’d be able to fly? When I was a kid, we all knew that abusing osmium-lutetium was the wrong road to travel, but thanks to this show, it looks “cool.”

Has Peter admitted he likes Fauxlivia better yet?, cause ya know he does.

What makes you think that?

The fact that Fauxolivia was just…hotter somehow. Sure the real Olivia is a better, nicer person. But I Peter had more fun with the fake Olivia

This one didn’t click with me at all. I don’t know why–all the elements (elements, geddit! :wink: ) were there but…just to me? Meh.

Has anyone heard for sure if it’s been renewed? I’ll be pissed if they pull a LOST on us.

I don’t think it’s been renewed yet, but my understanding is that it’s been doing really well for a Friday night. What does "pull a LOST’ mean?

Meh, I thought this ep was a dud. They did some pretty great setup for the next one though and I’m excited about it. Torv’s Nimoy impression seemed pretty entertaining from the preview.

Walter saved the episode with the opening and closing scenes which were hilarious.

That would have had humor value, though.

I too was hoping for Hurley to be the new host. Best would be if they could’ve got Zachary Quinto, though.

I know; that’s what I said to my wife.

It’s simple: Even when she’s pretending to be our Olivia, she’s more comfortable in her own skin than Olivia is. She grins more, cracks more jokes, and just seems happier than our mildly depressed and traumatized version. Plus, she likes to dye her hair red. Redheads are hot, whether they were born that way or attained that salutary condition by dint of effort.

End all the mysteries by saying “It doesn’t matter! Don’t worry about any of the previous plotlines. They all end up happily ever after.”

I don’t want Olivia to wake up in bed with whatshisname (her old partner from the pilot episode) and say “Geez! I just had the craziest dream” as the resolution to the whole parallel-earth war story.

(Not that I’m still bitter about the crappy LOST ending. :wink: )

And in Vegas, Donny and Marie Osmium have their names up in lights. Where’s Emily Litella now that we need her?

Uhm, that’s the Newhart ending.

Fenris - you are not the only one. I am still very bitter about the crappy entire last season of “Lost” esp the crap fest last episode. We could get a room in the Pit


I guess so.

OK. You want something more literal? How about this:

Last ep this season. Olivia wakes up in heaven. Clouds, pearly gates, etc.
Everyone else is there.

Olivia: Where am I?
Everyone: Heaven.
Olivia: How’d I die?
Everyone: Doesn’t matter. You’re in heaven.
Olivia: But…what about the laws of physics coming unravelled?
Everyone: Doesn’t matter. You’re in heaven.
Olivia: What about The Machine? What was it? Who were the First People? What was it for? Why Peter?
Everyone: Doesn’t matter. You’re in heaven.
Olivia: What about Fauxlivia, Walternate and the others?
Fauxlivia, Walternate, etc: Right here. In heaven.
Olivia: What happened with/to you?
Everyone: Doesn’t matter. You’re in heaven.
Olivia: What about the time-travelling bald guy watcher types
Time Travelling Bald Guy watcher types: Right here, in heaven
Olivia: What were you doing? What were you trying to fix?
Everyone: Doesn’t matter. You’re in heaven.
Olivia: Can you at least tell me if we had a war with the other earth? Are they both ok? How was all that resolved?
Walter: Magic water in an underground cave.
Olivia: Wait…what? Why is the water magic? How did it help? What did it do? That doesn’t answer anything.
Walter: You’re in heaven dear, it doesn’t matter.
Olivia: I’m not even Christian*
Walter: Doesn’t matter dear, this is the kind of heaven that people with COEXIST bumper-stickers where the C is a cresent moon, the O is a yin-yang symbol and so forth–we even have a stained glass window of that very bumpersticker right there (he points)…this is the kind of heaven those people go to. It’s nice, but vague.
Olivia: Do I get any questions answered.
Walter: You’ll get a 15 minute direct to DVD thing that answers some trivia and will discuss where your sister and her daughter went, but won’t really answer anything else.
Olivia: That…kinda sucks, really.
Walter: You’re in heaven, dear, don’t worry about it. I don’t. And I never learned exactly why Belly cut out chunks of my brain. And even though he’s right there, I’m not going to ask him. Now let’s go walk into the light.
(exunt omnes)

I like my shorter version better. :wink:

By the way, whatever DID happen to
A) Olivia’s sister and niece (I loved the niece–normally not into kid actors, but she and Olivia had a hell of a good chemistry on screen)?
B) The sub-plot with Olivia’s sister’s husband going for custody?
C) The Olivia’s Sister/Peter thing?

My guess is that Fauxlivia had the sister and niece whacked. :wink:
*I don’t know if she’s Christian or not. But it was funny, so I had her say it.

Fenris - I’m still with you all the way. God, that Lost ending sucked. However Fringe ends, it’s gotta be better than that.

And at one point, weren’t they building up a subplot with Peter’s past, where he killed a gangster type guy for threatening some mysterious other woman?