Fringe 12/10 (spoilers)

Uh, what was the signifigance of that final scene with:
spoiler space

William Bell?

What were we supposed to figure out from that?

a) Walter was aware of and allowed the surgery that removed the pieces of his brain/memory

b) Bell was originally protecting the memories (knew where they were) - and that knowledge was leaked to the ‘head’ guy.

c) Bell was apparently Dr. Paris - so he was also responsible for storing them in the 3 other patients.

d) They were attempting to protect the secret that creates the doors to the other side.


So that was a flashback at the end?

I’m dumb.

Storing the Brainz in other people and making them crazy is all kinds of cruel, and extreme even for this show.

But I still enjoyed the ep. Walter is a great character and while the actor who plays him is always excellent, I thought the guy who played his son Peter was also excellent in this episode.

Riiiight. Bell just wanted to protect Walter from this info. How noble of him. I figure Bell is pulling frozen head guy’s strings.

Great episode. I like that they are often about the main plot lately, as opposed to unrelated weekly stories.

ETA: And nice shooting, Olivia!

While Bell’s intentions and motivations are certainly debateable, in the scene it seems fairly clear what his intent was - couple that with his charge to Olivia to stop the ‘head’ guy, and I think you have a strong case for Bell wanting to protect the info itself.

Note - I never said that he was trying to protect Walter from the info - only the info from Walter/whomever might come after it.

Awesome episode. One of my favs so far.

So, I’m confused now. Bell is living in an alternate universe from which Walter abducted peter from. Even Oliva’s been there and back now (and of course there are all the baddies coming over from the other side causing all sorts of mayhem). So… this door, does it go to yet another universe? And if so, is it the same universe the Observers are from, or to a world we haven’t seen yet?

The bad guy’s get-away insurance plan would only work if he was to be captured within a few minutes of him leaving the house where he poisoned Walter. Which, displaying the kind of precognition that would make Kreskin jealous, he was.

cmyk - I have no idea the answer to your question. But with decent writing and continued good acting it could really interesting to see how it all plays out.

Nope, same universe. Crossing over is pretty hard. It screwed Olivia up. The only guys who’ve been able to cross over from their side have been the shapeshifters. If they get a door open, then anyone can come through. Which would be bad. No idea about the Observers.

I’m just assuming for now that the Observers are aliens, not people from another universe. One thing I’m wondering about is why opening a door to the other universe is considered so horrible. It’s been heavily implied that the other universe is post-apocalyptic (stuff on fire, plants all dead according to Frozen Head Guy), so is the implication that our world will be flooded with refugees from the other side? Or maybe whatever/whoever caused the disaster on that side will cross over to our universe?

My favorite moment of this episode was when Walter got the pieces of his brain reattached and for a brief minute we got to see the harder, crueler Original Walter. John Noble’s subtle shift in facial expression and tone of voice was great.

I thought that was great acting by John Noble/Walter.

I think the 1 alternate universe is a mis-direction. I think there will be more than 2.

I liked that the icon/glyphs shown between commercials spelled ‘portal’.

They’ve said that there are mutliple universes, but that Fringe will only be dealing with 2…

The Manifesto was apparently warning of an impending war, and that technology was at the heart of it - clearly the “other” universe (where Bell is currently) has a much higher tech level than our own, and it has cost them dearly (the current Blight as mentioned by Heady McHeaderson), and the implication is that if they get a door open, they will be invading our world - either because they need to (refugees) or because they want to (can).

Surely I wasn’t imagining the Lovecraftian references…? Stuart Gordon, also the name of the filmmaker heavily influenced by Lovecraft, and then Dunwich, and the hookworms in the previous episode with all their tentacles, and the emphasis on madness and other dimensions…?

Anyone catch the shout-out to Lord of the Rings?

Remind us exactly what it was.

Walter was expounding his theory about how brain tissue had been implanted in the victims and he called one of them “Gondor,” which was immediately corrected to “Gordon” by Astrid.

In an earlier episode there was a scene with Olivia and Nina Sharp where they said that the problem is that the more openings you create between universes the more likely they will “merge” into a single universe. She invokes the Pauli Exclusion Principle and says that since two objects cannot occupy the same space that only one universe will survive (and apparently things won’t be well with the surviving universe either). She demonstrates by smashing two snow globes together.

Apparently it was Walter’s initial crossing to the other universe that started the problem. I thought the implication was that the problems in the other universe (plants dying and the like) was due to Walter’s initial visit and the shapeshifters and other travellers were hoping to destroy our universe so that the other one would return to normal and survive.

tricksy Denethor! :slight_smile:

So no one is buying my Cthulhu connection? You’re all MAD, I tell you, MAD!